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Life is a gift and must be appreciated. There are several things that makes life enjoyable; from the air we breath in, our beautiful earth, its environs, the beautiful seasons and a host of other things. However, there are several things that can happen which sometimes make life difficult; however, even in our difficult times; we can still enjoy life and show appreciation for it in honour of the giver. But how can we show we appreciate life? and what reasons do we have for doing so?

Why appreciate life?

When you give a friend a gift, you would be happy if the friend makes the best use of the gift and takes care of it. Same is applicable with our life, its a gift from God and as shown in the holy book; ‘He himself gives to all people life and breath and all things’. As the creator, God did not only give life, he gave all that is needed to sustain it.

We thus have reasons to appreciate the life we enjoy.

How can we show appreciation for life?

The giver of life greatly values the life He gives us, He is thus, deeply hurt if anyone deliberately takes the life of another or even that of himself. We thus can show we appreciate life by avoiding murder.

Secondly, we can show we appreciate life by taking care of our health.

We can also show our appreciation by taking precautions to prevent injury or death. This is done by avoiding practices that are dangerous. We must maintain safety in our homes, at our work place, the games we play, as well as in the cars we ride.

More importantly, we must respect the life of an unborn child. In the eyes of the Almighty God, even for a newly formed embryo, He is concerned for its safety. We thus must avoid anything that will make us take such tiny but precious life.

God shows interest in life

The law Jehovah gave to the ancient Israel nation protected mothers and the unborn children. In Exodus 21:22,23 it is stated that when two men are engaged in a fight or struggle and they accidentally hit a pregnant woman, if the baby forcefully comes out without injuries to the mother and baby, the men will pay penalties as specified by the husband. But in the instance where the baby comes out and the baby dies; the penalty for them is death in return. If God can give such rules for an unborn child killed by accident, how much more when such unborn children are killed on purpose? It will be a grave offence.

In conclusion, like a father who has worked so hard for his children to enjoy themselves, it would be disappointing for the father if the children are disrespectful and not appreciate his hard work or gifts to them. We are not unappreciative children, we love the giver of life and we show our appreciation for same. We love, respect and safeguard the gift of life – our own life and that of others.

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