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It is generally believed that people see life differently hence, their reaction towards life. The belief of most people may differ from another. It is the ability to be able to harness the beauty of this diversity and capture the validity of other people’s opinion in terms of interpersonal relationship.  So far in life, I have held unto core personal values. These values have guided my perception of life and my attitude in living it both personally and interpersonally.

One of my core values is integrity – the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles, it could also be seen as honesty, uprightness, probity, ethics, honor, decency, trustworthiness and so much other words that can be affiliated with it.  Even though people trivialize it now, especially among the youths in our society. It seems to appear that a lot of people do not care about integrity or simply put reputation. Most people nowadays careless about reputation and good morals, they often feel they have the right to act or behave in ways which best suited them. This is because of the increase in the need to be perceived as a person who is strong-willed and societal influences that can now be referred to as the norm. For them it is a the woke generation. The gen z.

Another core values I appreciate is the value of hard work, humility, kindness. In all my dealings with humans, I tend to keep up with all these core values personally curated by me for myself in my journey through life and especially in my relationship with people known and unknown. Hard work will certainly get anyone to earn. The reward from hard work is relative depending on the subjects’ expectations and goals. However, there are certain key virtues that sustains success. They are: patience, tolerance and consistency.

to be continued…

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