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Bottled water was available in the early 2,000’s, but not everyone could afford it so sachet water was the next available option. Solomon saw the ban as an opportunity to digress his business into a business with a market that was ready to be tapped. Profits made from the ice cream business had put him in a better position financially, this enable him invest in sachet water production. He bought his first sachet water automated machine from china, got a location for production. The ban was also enforced by National Agency for Food and Drug Administration Control NAFDAC. This means that all sachet water production companies must obtain an approval before the commence operation. He also needed trucks for distribution for the finished products.

A few years down the line, the business had become so good that Solomon bought more automated sachet water making machines, at some point, he had 10 machines producing thousands of sachets packed into thousands of bags and they were distributed with 20 trucks that the business had bought by reinvesting capital. He also invested in yogurt production and real estate as well. Over time he also helped other sachet water businesses that were not considered set up because of competition because their target market was different from his. He was helping other companies other their machines, set up their sachet water factory, and also had staff doing repair and maintenance. After many years of success, he was honored with a chieftaincy title in his homeland. Indeed, with determination, vision, and willpower to succeed, success is attainable because where there is a will, there is a way.

All fingers are not equal and all beds are not made of roses, but how you lay your bed is how you lay in it and what determines the size of the finger you are is a product of your thought process and how you can overcome challenges. Challenges are not supposed to bring you down; you are meant to overcome challenges. Some challenges are meant to create opportunities, what you get out of every challenge is as a result of the way you think, sometimes, the resources that you have and your environment are not the only limiting factors, however these factors are not supposed to hold you down, they might just make your journey to success take a light longer.

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