My first day on Earth

Ejiroghene Ekpogbe Written by Ejiroghene Ekpogbe · 2 min read >

When I first arrived the earth, I was slightly confused about the things happening around me. The day did not seem like a good day but having spent so many years on earth now, I can say that my first day on earth has been the best day I have ever experienced.

I can still remember the events of my first day on earth as well as the events that led to my sudden appearance on earth. I remember that I was a fluid environment; it was quiet and quiet dark. I had at my disposal, everything I needed. I was still enjoying the feeling of being in a serene environment and cuddled up when things suddenly changed. There seemed to be a rumble around me and I began to feel uncomfortable. In the next moment, I felt pushed out of my place of comfort into a new realm of reality. I became upset when I realized that my environment had changed and I expressed my displeasure with loud cries.

While I cried, I felt a pair of hands move me into another. I noticed that they wore white coats. I think they were cleaning me up but they said nothing to me. These humans must have been the ones who pushed me out of where I was. My anger aggravated so I cried louder. One of the humans in white was the last the last pair of hands that handled me. I noticed that she was moving because the things around me changed as she moved. Finally, we arrived at a room; there was another human in the room. The human in white handed to her. The human had her arms so wide, ready to receive me. She also had a broad smile. She started to utter some words in a language that I did not understand, but years later, I understood. In that moment, we connected.

Some moments later more humans came into the room. They seemed happy to see me. They started to take turns to hold me and each time a pair of new hands held me, I felt loved and accepted.

There should be some sort of connections between me and these humans. I started to feel comfortable I became happy as a result of the love they kept showering at me. There was so much positive vibes in the room, strong enough to melt my anger away. I smiled back too. Although I missed my previous environment, I was glad to know that I had come into a new place. A place filled with love and happiness. It was a peaceful day.

As I grew older, I learned that the humans who showed me love on the day I arrived the earth, were my mother, my father, my older brother and sister. I also had two grand-parents, some aunts and uncles. I was part of a family. They had names I could use to call them but I could not do so in my first year. As time went on, I learned the English language and was able to call their names. I could express my feelings and intentions in words. No longer did I have to cry if I was hungry or needed attention.

If I could go back in time, I would love to relive my first day on earth. It was a peaceful and beautiful day indeed!

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