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So far, I have come to realize that an MBA in Lagos Business School must be one of the toughest decisions I have made in my life. I would like to share my ordeal so far in this first semester. Apart from the whole idea of an doing an MBA, it has been quite challenging for me personally especially in terms of the courses being taught by the faculties. Maybe I would say I have a personal reservation for anything that has to do with numbers.

One of the courses causing me nightmares and sleepless nights is the Analysis of Business Problem (ABP). I say this with all sincerity and openness. It has really been difficult for me to analyze cases, to worsen the case, one will have to do calculations on numbers in the case. I find it difficult to assign numbers to scenarios and what to do with them.

I strongly recommend a physical and close tutorship for me to be able to understand this course. For one (if not for everyone but me) to get a grasp of this subject, one needs ample time to digest and understand a case before analyzing. Because most of the time we are not given enough time to go through the case and ask for help or clarity when needed before a session.

Another course worthy of mention is the Data Analysis. In as much as the faculty always tries to carry the students along at every point in time, and I can say the situation is getting better with time. But it has still been challenging, I tend to be confused in the middle of the class. My confusion aggravated when we were asked to download a software meant to be used for the course. Something about a decision tree. Hmm, my bewilderment was on another level that day; I was distressed. Right from time, I have always avoided anything that has to do with probability and ratio. I never liked it. Surprised I met it here and I cannot dodge it. It is not an elective course! God! If not, I would never go for it. But here I am, facing it with all of ME.

What has helped me so far with these courses is the fact that I am in a group. I must say this idea of group work has helped a lot. It has made me understand better because people understand differently. So, when we meet during group meetings, we share our understandings among ourselves, and by so doing, we tend to do better as a group than individually. This is because knowledge and ideas are shared between and among group members. The tension is low, and the environment is more friendly and accommodating.

In the case of ABP and its numbers, the group work has been amazingly helpful. We have not attempted doing probability as a group, but I believe I will understand it to an extent when we eventually do so.

My dear racers in the race, anybody willing to volunteer to assist one of your own. Someone is almost getting off the track… Remember we are all in this together.


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