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Have you ever wondered what it is like to be in the Creative industry as an entertainer? Yes, it could be thrilling, fun, daring and challenging.

First, let us look at the word “entertainer”. An entertainer is anyone who performs for the amusement of an audience.  It could be a musician, comedian, actor/actress even a magician.  Yes, a magician is an entertainer!!!

The entertainment sector is very volatile when it comes to monetary value. An entertainer within the space of 5 weeks can move from ground $0 to $1,000,000 (One Million Dollars) and in another hand, can also go bankrupt within the same time frame or less due to the flamboyant celebrity lifestyle, hangers-on, or public image expectancy. This volatility is synonymous with the creative Industry and the inconsistency of cash flow which makes many entertainers go into depression. This was very evident during the outbreak of the covid pandemic, many entertainers were really affected by the sudden stop in their cash flow, followed by the early restrictions on covid-19 protocols in regard to public gatherings. However, this is not so common in other professional sectors as seen during the pandemic; many embraced working from home. How will an entertainer work from home and make the same consistent earnings?…….smiles. Although this birthed another idea called online skits and content creators which could also be regarded as entertainment too.

Most entertainers rest on Mondays while other professionals are busy having meetings and strategizing for the new week. Entertainers especially those in the music scene rest on Mondays.  The buildup for the week starts on Wednesday and runs through till the weekend while similar is applicable too for comedians.  Those in the movie sector kind of differs as they chose locations based on scenes and availability of actors/actress or weather forecast, so they work all around the week anytime the set director calls.

The life of an entertainer could be described as an undulating graph full of ups and downs. Invaded privacy is part of the price that comes with the glamour and fame of an entertainer not to talk of hangers-on.

The intriguing thing about being an entertainer is that even when you are going through rough patches in life, you still ensure you put smiles on people’s faces. Your fans become the primary because they pay the bills to stay relevant while you become the secondary.

The life of an entertainer can also be related to a businessperson. The only difference is the volatility of liquidity or money over time. Managing an entertainer or having them as spouses or siblings is best to understand the volatility and help them plan accordingly when the chips are down.

Please note that having an entertainer around you brings life to you but also remember that they are “bitten by the same insect that bites you”, they are faced with the economic challenges that you are faced with, and they have the same blood running through their veins. Even when they make you smile, they go through hard times also, especially not finding genuine partners who are not after fame and money (fair-weather friends). so, watch out for them in their low moments. A lot goes on right inside beyond the expression on the outside.

Till I come your way next time.

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Written by Motunrayo Awomolo
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