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In a world full of so many obscurities, creating a balance in your life is one skill that you are not particularly taught in any formal education, you just learn through it and when I say “It” I mean you learn through your mistakes, mishaps and the experiences make you stronger in facing whatever comes your way therefore creating a balance would make a great difference.

Life does not come with a manual but there are some devices to adopt to alleviate stress. Let us look at the life of a woman. You must imbibe the skill of multi-tasking because there will be so many responsibilities thrown at your face at the same time and you are expected to be the best at everything and this negates the quote” Jack of all trades, master of none”. As a woman, you are expected to be the jack of all trades and also a master of all. It sounds sarcastic right? Yes, I know but it is what it is.

Now this post has nothing to do with feminism or anything of that sort and I am not in any way undermining the role or significance of Men, but I can only relate it from a woman’s perspective because it is my gender. And these are some of the techniques I have devised that help me.

So back to creating a balance, the first thing a woman should know, and practice is realizing when it is time to take a break and actually taking the needed break. Yes, I know what you are thinking, what happens to all the many roles and tasks she must perform? In answering that, when I say a break, it depends on what the situation is or the peculiarity of it, a break could be a few minutes, to hours, to days, to months. The length of time does not matter as long as you cool off and try to regain your sanity before continuing with all the tasks. For me taking a break means occasionally I have to book a spa session alone, relax and be taken care of. There is this old tale advice that says, “you either learn to take a break or you break down”.  

Another way to try and strike a balance as a woman is learning to delegate some tasks if possible, this will help you not always feel overwhelmed. Yes, I know there are some vital roles in your life that cannot be delegated, so your focus should be on performing those ones, never be ashamed of asking for help and outsourcing what you can, this is always a lifesaver!

In conclusion, the list of tactics to adopt is actually non-exhaustive because different strokes work for different folks but as for me having to combine being a woman, a worker, wife, mother, sister, daughter and now a student in LAGOS BUSINESS SCHOOL, these tactics have been beneficial to my journey through life and in making it a pleasant one. I love being a woman and would not want or wish it to be any other way.

Written by Chika Laju-okorodudu
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