I recently came across a post that got me thinking about life in general. It was a short story about deep reflections...

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I recently came across a post that got me thinking about life in general. It was a short story about deep reflections on life’s essence.

There was once a certain man with a beautiful farm. The farm was full of all kinds of plants. Vegetables, fruits and other edible and nutritious plants that you can think of.

The farm was well fenced and protected. The only way into the farm was by climbing a ladder across. This was to prevent animals and unwanted access to the farm.

On the other side, a certain sheep looking for what to eat noticed this beautiful farm. It looked around for a while until it eventually noticed a small opening. However, the opening was too small for even its head to pass through.

The sheep then decided to stop eating so that it would become smaller. Its goal was to be able to enter the farm through the small opening. So, it started fasting and after a week the sheep became lean enough for its head to enter the small opening.

After making it into the farm, the sheep was so glad about the wonderful achievement. It was a dream come true. So, with plenty of food available, it did not take time before it became fat and robust.

After about one month inside the farm, this sheep had so much enjoyed the farm that it forgot where it came from.


On a certain day, it started raining. The sheep took shelter under the pawpaw tree because of the rain. Suddenly, a pawpaw fruit fell on its head and immediately its mind opened and remembered that the farmer might come by the farm anytime.

Now, it had to find a way to get out of the farm. The sheep tried to go through the small opening but could not fit in again as it was now so big and fat. The sheep was so afraid the owner would meet it there. Therefore, it became so desperate to leave.

The only way out was to use the same strategy it used to enter. Thus, it decided to start starving itself again to grow lean. The sheep achieved the size necessary to squeeze through the small opening after two weeks.

Coming out of the farm, the sheep was the same size it was before entering. While thinking about it, it occurred to the sheep that all that it ate inside was lost inside the farm. So, why the whole struggle?

 The sheep said, “What was my gain now. I came back the same way I entered.”

This story reminded me of how we struggled so much to achieve our desired goals. The struggle seems unending especially as you grow older.

Hmm, do we ever stop and think about when life will end? When the time comes, possessions and achievements will be left behind.

Who then enjoys the riches? Or do you think you will carry them with you? No, no one does.

Please do not get me wrong. I am not encouraging anyone to be lazy and do nothing.

My point is, that we should always remember the end while taking decisions and in all our struggles. Seeking after wealth with the mindset of “the end justifies the means” will shift focus from the fact that there is an end to everything.

Do not sell your soul to the devil in the name of achievements and forget there is a time you will be no more.

It is time for a deep reflection.

Thank you for reading.

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  1. This post is excellent and I will personally recommend every youth of our time to read think on each key point to note in the post for re-evaluation of our values and what they need to reflect on before making any decision in life, thanks lovely post

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