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In design, there are certain things that comes to mind. These thoughts could be creativity, ideas, art and so on. For presentation design, one relates it with graphic design, and in this form of design entails a particular procedure to ensure optimum result.

It is important to note that in graphics design, there is a hierarchal step to following to make effective design for an audience; attract, intrigue, and the message. The design must be attractive to the eyes of the audience. In doing this, one must consider color selection, size of text or font style, it also must be intriguing and engaging, finally a design must be informative. All these are to ensure the design achieves its purpose.

When creating visual designs, one must ensure:

  • To keep it simple (It contains the most important information)
  • To keep it consistent (colors, shapes, and patterns)
  • To add contrast

Principles of Design

In this paragraph we shall list and briefly explain the principles of design.

1. Elements – this can be described as building blocks in creating designs on a canvas (lines, color, shape, fonts, texture, type)

2. Balance – stability of a design. Manages the canvas effectively.

There are two types of balance:

  • Symmetrical – designs are evenly distributed in canvas.
  • Asymmetrical – aligns all design on one side of the canvas.

3. Proximity – creates a relationship between elements. Provides unity in a design.

4. Alignment – allows for creation of order and organization. Creates a visual connection between elements.

5. Repetition – it strengthens a design by tying it together. It is all about the flow of color and design; creates rhythm.

6. Contrast – allows one to emphasize or highlight key elements in a design.

7. Space – space in arts refers to the distance or area between, around, above, below or within elements. Both positive and negative spaces are important factors to be considered in every design.

Fonts and Typography

Always make sure you choose the appropriate font style for the design, depending on the kind of design and purpose of the design. In this case, it I s important to know your audience.


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