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First decision on writing is determining the topic and what to write about. This can be a tough task for many, especially those of us new to writing.  We wonder why this happen considering the numerous information overload that abound in this technology age.

Yet, sitting at a desk with my white screen staring at me, high spirited, I’m suddenly blanked out. Ideas are not flowing. Have this ever happened to you, or you are always full of topics and ideas? If your response is no, you may close the page; this blog post is not for you. If it is a yes, please read on. I’ll be sharing with you what I learnt during my pursuit for answers.

Deliberate Brainstorming

Content writing requires some form of deliberate efforts for many.  Thinking through what intrigues you and incites an interest to warrant writing about. I am faced with the question, how much information do I have stored up in my knowledge bank for that topic without research and what percentage of research work do I require to back up my points.


Personally, I find reading very helpful. When I read about certain subjects, I form a personal perspective which could either vary from what the author wrote about or buttresses it.  Not all subjects read will fascinate you or be of much excitement. But when you read widely, it opens you up to numerous good topics and opinions to write about.

Talking With People

When I realized I often ran out of topics to write. I started to speak with close friends and colleague to suggest topics they think I could be interested in. I was amazed they knew me so well as most of their recommendations were right on point.

Sometimes, we proceeded to engage and analyze some of the topics, sometimes controversial which would usually spike up a strong desire to pen down my personal thoughts or do some further research to expand on it.


Freewriting advises that we set up an allotted time for reflection and writing, say 20minutes at a convenient place. We allow the mind wander and write about the burdens in our heart on white board. Do not interrupt the flow for corrections and adjustments. Just continue to write non-stop by keeping the pen moving. No matter how irrelevant the ideas that come up is, write and write all the unconnected ideas as it flows. You must use up all allotted time. When the time is up, you then need to review what had been written. Some will be thrashed while some can be built on.

I was glad I stumbled on this insightful suggestion. It is specifically new to me. The next time I’m writing, I just build on what I had previously free written.

I hope you find the above list of great help to you. It’s time to action what has been learnt.

Till next time.


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