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The Efik kingdom is one of the tribes in Nigeria that has a beautiful culture. It is found in the present-day Cross River State. It is an ethnic group located in the southern part of Nigeria, and shares boarder with the western Cameroon. The Efik people refer to themselves as Efik Eburutu, Ifa Ibom, and Iboku.


Firstly, One of the beautiful culture of the efik people is their masquerade. The Efik masquerade is seen as one of the most important thing about the people of the efik kingdom. The masquerade is believed to have been introduced in Calabar from USAHADAT. It was used back in the days to pursue people to go to church.

The Ekpe masquerade which means lion or leopard in English is known for is unique set of communication method know as NSIBIDI. The NSIBIDI includes a thousand year old writing system, with some of the symbol found inscribed on the UKARA EKPE.

The language is only understood, interpreted and responded to by the leaders and carriers of the masquerade. Different rituals like, pouring drinks is being done to ask for the guidance, permission and wisdom of the ancestors before the bearer of the masquerade can carry the masquerade.

However, in this modern times, the tradition as evolved away from deep spiritual backings and only remained as a symbol of culture.


Secondly, Another symbolic thing about the the Efik kingdom is their traditional dance. Ekombi dance is their traditional dance which is know as one of the dance among the efik people. Though inspired by ocean movement, the dance communicates a message and mood of peace and happiness. The dance shows its beauty and femininity. To show its beauty, the maidens are adorned with very beautiful and colourful costumes and accessories like necklaces, brass comb, elaborate hairdo, multicoloured attires sewn in a mini skirt and blouse, facials and body makeup.


Another thing celebrated by the efiks that portrays their culture is their marriage. Their brides are decorated with beautiful accessories which makes them stand out among everybody. The husband gift the wife a beautiful box filled with cloths and other gift, and a bible. The wife comes out from one of the rooms showing that she was married from a home and not picked from the street. Different boxes of drinks will be presented to the father as a mark of respect, and using it to request for his daughters hand in marriage.


The Efik people are generally known as great cooks. They have different types of foods ranging from: Afang, Ukan Ukom, Abak, Anyan Ekpan, Ukan Ukom etc . In short, you should try one of their local delicacies and you will confirmed what I have just said.

In summary, They efiks are are nice people. They are beautiful both in and out. Their welcoming and great personality is can not be questioned. The efiks are peace lover and very accepts every body that comes their way. That is why their slogan is come and live and be at peace.


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