The Great Exodus

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It’s the 21st century and the period is post covid.

With what corona virus made us see; the compulsory work from home period where we were all made to stay home; adults and kids. kids were basically learning from home. but then again it helped the family unit become close-knitted. Mothers and even fathers had to get involved in every activity of the home as nobody had ‘work’ to go to. We were all home together after all.
It was a new experience for everybody and oh did we react differently.
But then the virus seemed to simmer down and it became a part of our lives.
Slowly, life returned to normalcy and work and school had to resume.
But then with resumption came a lot of adjustments. After staying home for about a year working, returning to regular office work was the biggest chore ever.
And The office management had to find this out in the weirdest ways.
With Corona came a lot of innovative ideas. New companies sprang up and those companies knew what exactly to do in order to make the people stay.
Now While we were home, a lot of us got opportunities that afforded us the privilege  to work 3 jobs at once.
I got a job in the United Kingdom and another one in Canada while still with my Nigerian employer.
And then came the FinTech’s, these guys modeled their business according to the standard overseas. You could conveniently work from home and perform your job perfectly without having to show face in the office. And then everybody started moving to “tech” which brought up the name of “tech bro” and “tech sis “
Everybody wanted to be called a tech something and it did not even end there. The departments in the offices were getting empty. People were moving to tech companies and the others were actually relocating abroad where all the Opportunities abound.
HR was hustling to keep staff as the best hands were being poached and not even the offers of “we will match whatever salary they want to pay you” could stop them.
They were just hellbent on leaving and left they did.
Management had to quickly organize  “crisis management” meetings to bump up salaries but even that did not deter those that wanted to leave.
Funny thing, this was happening in all sectors.
Tech companies  became the enemy of all other traditional companies, yes I used the word traditional because that is what these GenZs called companies that were not offering work from home options.
should we speak about the GenZs now or later in another  publication. These daredevils were the bane of HRs everywhere as they frustrated them at any given opportunity. It was said that the older generation were calmer but I would call it ‘sufferable’ because we took all they threw at us. The unfavorable work conditions, the low-pay, name it. But these ones want everything out in the open. Tell them expressly what you mean when you say ‘competitive salary’ also, clearly spell out what ‘favorable work conditions’ mean because any slight shift in the contract they signed, they are out!

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