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To round off the day, I spent some time with my family and caught up on the Nigerian Idols live show. Nigerian Idols is a musical competition show that has run for a couple of years in Nigeria. It had been a couple of weeks of live shows and the contestants entertaining us with their songs, and their stay on the show is dependent on votes. This past week alone, the show received over 29 million votes. That is huge! A rundown of the top 4 contestants as of today.

Jordan is a young male contestant on the show. I would say that he overstayed his welcome on the show. This young man wowed the judges and audience, including me during his auditions, and that was what granted him access to the top 10. I wonder how this tall, handsome bundle of talent went from being a winner prospect to a contestant who did not get to the top 3 of the show. I believe his voice needed to evolve, as he explored different genres of music. Moreso, I believe that he possesses a unique voice that had the capability to reach different ranges or pitch, which he did not utilize.

The next is Banty. Banty is a young lady who also wowed the judges and made her way to the top 10 contestants who have serenaded and entertained us over the past couple of weeks. Her voice is so unique and very powerful, this is coupled with her tomboyish swagger. However, in the middle of the live shows, she kind of lost that spark in her performance. Surprisingly, tonight, she displayed such a powerful side of her voice as she sang a rendition of the song, Listen. It was such an impressive performance and we all wondered where this Banty had been all along. Can we assume that this is a result of her being the only girl standing in the top 3 and is trying to prove a point to some people she called her ‘haters’?

Another contestant we have is Progress, a likable young chap who has been consistent for most of the show. His performances are always a hit and not a miss. He is also in the top 3. His voice is beautiful to the ears, and he knows how to carry the audience along as he sang his choice songs for the week. Tonight, he sang beautifully as always, however, I have reasons to believe that he did not give as much as the other top 2 contestants. I wish him the best though, and I will be very pleased should he win.

The final contestant is Zadok. Oh, Zadok! This is another young man with one of the most powerful voices I have ever heard. This man knows the quality and if I may, the quantity of his voice, he utilizes his voice effortlessly well, has good microphone handling, and audience engagement, and effortlessly moves across the different pitches on the stage. His two performances tonight were back-to-back hits and I do not exaggerate.

Is it obvious yet that I have a favorite and I want them to win the show? By next Sunday, the show will come to an end and we will see the next big star in the music industry.


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