Journey to LBS (Part 2)

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Journey to LBS

The knowledge that I could pay my tuition fee in installments was a game-changer for me. It made me realize finally that I could attend LBS and get my MBA in two years’ time. All I had to do was to start my admission process and get admitted into the school. I got all the admission requirements and started putting the required documents together.

After preparing all the required documents, I proceeded to make the registration fee payment and also register and pay for the NMAT exam which I needed to pass to gain admission into the MBA program. I had not written an exam in a long time so I really needed to program my mind and convince myself that I could do it. I also had to change my schedule to be able to find time to study. I decided I will try my best to get home early, sleep for a few hours and wake up around 2:00am to study. I had used a similar plan during my school days and I knew it would work because I am able to concentrate more at night and early in the morning. I went to a bookshop and got myself a good Further Mathematics textbook to help me prepare. I studied probability, statistics, permutations, and combinations. I spent more time studying for the mathematics aspect of the exam because I realized I had forgotten a lot of the concepts and principles I learned in school.

The NMAT exam is taken online and I decided to do it in my office because I can control the environment better. Although I was tensed and felt that I had not prepared well enough, I knew I had to try my best and pass it the first time because I was not willing to write the exam again because preparing for it required too much time and mental resources. The time for the exam finally came and I locked myself in one of the rooms in my office and logged in to the NMAT website. I spoke with my online instructor she asked me to show her the surrounding of the office after which I was allowed to start the exam.

Everything went well until the office generator started to malfunction and the exam instructor began to complain that she could no longer see me on the webcam. The room was dark. In order to assure her that I was not trying to cheat, I raised my hands up and reassured her that the light will come on shortly. The power was restored and I continued my exam. It was tough, to say the least, but I was hopeful that I would pass.

I finished the exam and the instructor asked me to show her my surroundings again. I did and waited for my result. The result finally came and I passed. I was so happy and relieved. I could not imagine myself preparing for and writing the exam again! It was a great relief and I could now imagine myself as a student of LBS!

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