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MMBA3 classmates

Motunrayo AKA M.A is a tall, dark-skinned and elegant lady. I met her for the first time on the first day of our orientation and we have become friends since then. She works as a human resources manager for a firm in Lagos. She is jovial and easy to relate to. She participates in class actively. She is married with kids. She seems to be having challenges with some of our courses that involve a lot of numbers but I believe she will do well.

Kayode seems like a gentleman in all ramifications. Cool-headed young man. He is dark-skinned and of average height. We met during the orientation classes. He is based in Abuja. He works for a betting company. He participates actively in class but not as much as some other people.

Chika is a light-skinned and lively lady. She brings life to wherever she goes. She talks fast and you cannot be bored when you are with her. She participates actively in class. I met Chika for the first time during the intensive week but she was present during the brush-up classes which we had online. I was surprised when I saw her because she did not look like the lady I used to see on camera. Her personality was different as well. I had no idea she was a lively person. She is a trained lawyer. I feel the law profession fits her because she talks a lot and can express herself well. However, she told me she believes she will enjoy the human resources management field better. She is married with kids.

Faith is as unique as her name; Faith Minister. She is dark-skinned, of average height, and very lively. She did not attend the orientation sessions but she joined us for the brush-up classes. She used to use a very funny background for our zoom online classes and she didn’t come across to me as someone who is jovial until the first day of our intensive week when I met her in school. As soon as I entered the class, she was the first person to say “hello” to me and I did not recognize her at first but I had a feeling she was the Faith in our class whom I had never met physically. She is an intelligent young woman who is into insurance sales. She participates actively in class and I believe all our faculties know her. She is single and searching and I pray she finds someone who fits her and understands her well because she is a unique person.

Andrew is tall and dark-skinned. He seems like an easy-going person. He and Vincent look alike. He is bald and keeps beards. He participates actively in class and I feel he asks weird questions sometimes. He is into land surveying. He is married with kids.

Queen is a queen indeed! She was not around during the orientation sessions but she joined us for the brush-up classes. She is slim, of average height, and dark-skinned. She lives and works in Jos. She is an intelligent young lady that participates actively in class and she has a unique voice.

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