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The first rule of concentration while in class is ‘do not hold your head,’ said my faculty. However, why is our head the first thing we touch when we are looking for answers? When we feel rattled and are trying to figure out answers or solutions to puzzling questions or scenarios, we tend to place our hands on our heads. When we are trying to remember a piece of information that is relevant, we also touch our heads. I can list several other instances whereby an individual might place their hands on their head, from confidence to attraction and even stress. Then you have to consider other factors such as the scenario, or location the action happened.

I mean, I spent some amount of time trying to understand how touching our head means we will lack concentration in class. If anything, I will assume that we are trying so hard to assimilate all we are learning after a hard day’s job. It could just mean that we are trying to assimilate or absorb the information that is being passed across to us.

It could also communicate a full dose of concentration, contrary to the initial assumption. What this means is, that placing our hands on our heads could mean that we are so in tune with the communicator. But then again, it might just depend on what part of our heads we place our hands. If those hands were to be placed under the chin, maybe we would look like we are soaking in information and making up our own notes or hypotheses along the line. If the hands were to be placed on either side of the temple, it could mean we are somewhat lost or unaware of the happenings of the class. Should the hands rest on the forehead, it could also communicate a degree of seriousness.

Then again, it might also depend on our body language. I suppose that those whom the faculty called out, for this reason, had placed themselves in a very restful position that communicated that they were too relaxed in class. Pro-tip, Show only your neck up when in class. No, I did not just say that! Here is something I found online when I tried to do some research:

“So, why do people put their hands on their heads? Possible reasons why someone will put their hands on their head are frustration, stress, confidence, attraction, and confusion. You will likely be able to figure out which based on their other body language signals.”

I cannot count how many times I have placed my hands on my head while trying to write this post and that means I definitely was in soldier mode, full concentration status. Why did I pick this topic to write about it? I am not sure myself. It was just a statement that got my attention and I decided to rant about it. Anyway, next time I will be sure not to be caught in such a position in that class.

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