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Watching movies is a common form of leisure for lovers of the cinema or people who want to occupy their free time. There are several categories of movies out there. The genres include action, thrillers, romance, comedy, animation, science fiction, horror, etc. We all have our favorites here. Younger cinemagoers prefer action-packed shows, comedies, thrillers, and slasher movies. Cupids opt for romcoms, while special effects lovers enjoy sci-fi shows. Each genre of film delivers a different form of entertainment to viewers.

Nowadays, films are available via several platforms. From the conventional big screens at cinemas and theatres to technology-based platforms such as Netflix, Apple TV, HBO Max, etc. The latter category involves paid subscriptions, and it has introduced flexibility and convenience for viewers because their movies can be watched on a mobile phone, tablet, laptop, or television.

The movie industry is global, with prominent studios located in Hollywood, London, Paris, and Hong Kong. Other centers include India (Bollywood) and several others in Africa and the rest of the world. The actors and actresses pull the viewers in by adding pedigree to the project. Some viewers have their favorites among the actors and actresses. Some decide the movies to watch based on the quality of the trailers, while others stick to films featuring their preferred actors.

Directors and producers shoot movies worldwide, depending on the script. Some films have domestic sets only, while others produce across several destinations. Box-office hits and movie franchises belong to the latter category.

Series are an alternative form of TV entertainment. They can be considered long-duration movies broken down into several episodes. This flexibility allows the viewers to spend a long time watching and completing the series. Series have gained an increase in popularity over the past few years, and they are also available on the various streaming platforms mentioned above. Series have the same genre as movies. Binge-watching a series on weekends or holidays is standard practice. Several episodes are covered, which minimizes the suspense associated with watching an episode a day or every other day.

My favorite genres are action, thrillers, comedy, and sci-fi for movies and series. I enjoy binge-watching my series with a meal and a good drink when I get the chance. I mostly stream my TV entertainment nowadays, controlling my viewing options and schedule. While I miss the cinema experience, I am uncertain about when I will resume buying tickets, popcorn, and soda to watch a movie.

The streaming platforms bill subscribers periodically. I haven’t analyzed the economics of streaming compared to visiting cinemas, but streaming across different platforms provides more viewing options. Due to the recent COVID-19 pandemic, I sense most viewers have also grown accustomed to using streaming services over the cinema alternative. Consequently, this trend has supported the production of movies and series for streamers who prefer their sofas to cinema chairs. Whatever option works for you, ensure you include some form of TV entertainment in your leisure. You will be glad you did. The possibilities are almost endless.

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