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Babies are little human who need a lot of our attention and utmost care because they are very fragile. As fun as taking care of them might be, it requires a lot; that is why some equipments are available to assist in the day to day activities about their upkeep. The use of these equipments saves a lot of time thereby creating time for special baby-mummy, baby-daddy or baby-family bonding time.
An example of one of the numerous equipments is a baby nail file.
Babies nails are soft, really flexible and also grow at a very quick pace. A combination of these qualities makes it difficult for parents especially new parents to keep their babies’ nails clean at all times. And also, prevent the child from causing himself or herself harm as a result of the scratching with the nails.
Traditionally, mothers were advised to use their teeth to gently cut their baby’s nails but this practice has received a lot of criticism in recent times due to the ease of transmission of micro organisms from the mothers mouth onto the baby’s nail and surrounding skin. Depending on the kind of microbes, this transmission can lead to different kinds of infections on a baby’s skin and unfortunately their immunity is not as strong as that of an adult.
Some people also believe that parents can easily peel off the nails since they are really soft. Once again, this practice should not be encouraged because you could end up peeling more nail than you intended to.
Parents are encouraged to wash and clean their baby’s hands, feet, in between the fingers, toes and inside the nails while bathing the baby and moisturize afterwards. This helps to soften the nails and makes it easy to trim during manicure.
A baby’s nail file is used to trim a baby’s nails leaving it with very smooth edges and finishes when used properly. It has an abrasive surface made of glass. It is used by gently grinding down and shaping the edges of the fingernails. When used regularly, it can help prevent common nail disorders such as nail chipping.
• It is safe: Due to the granular surface, the glass nail file doesn’t injure fingernails during manicure, grinding them softly and smoothly. After continuous use of such nail file, fingernails become stronger and cease to stratify.

• Hygiene: Glass nail file is quickly and easily disinfected. It can be washed in warm water using soap. This is a better alternative to putting the baby’s nail in the mouth to cut it off. The name can also be disinfected occasionally.

• Unique Wear resistance: The granular surface of a glass nail file isn’t erased even after several year of use. Depth of the working surface’s relief decreases much more slower, when compared to a usual metal nail file.

• Durability: The glass nail file is very durable.

• It reduces accident: Even the most careful parent can accidentally snip a baby’s fingertip with scissors or clippers. This can be avoided by using a nail file.



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