Decision analysis on a wedding prep?

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My unofficial baby sister is getting married, and I am super excited about it! We spent over an hour on a call going over the checklist of all that she requires, including the services that she needs. I wonder how I have such time as the MBA program has taken a chunk of my time as I try to marry it with work.

My sister has also sent me different samples of the materials she is considering wearing on that day, including different style samples. For the materials, we looked at different pages of Aso oke makers in Nigeria to see which one of them to us, has the most admirable styles. We settled for one whose name I would not mention.

Aso oke fabric, (Yoruba: aṣọ òkè, pronounced ah-SHAW-okay) is a hand-woven cloth created by the Yoruba people of West Africa. Usually woven by men and women, the fabric is used to make men’s gowns, called agbada, and hats, called fila, as well as women’s wrappers, called iro, and head ties, called gele.

We looked at event coordinators. We were down to 3 options. The first option was a male older family friend, who has been running an events company for about 3+ years. However, the bride is not as cordial as she used to be with him.  The second alternative was a friend of the bride who manages events on the side. The clause to patronizing this friend was that she wants the bride to pay her any amount she deems fit, that can be a tricky situation and we want to avoid any issues that may severe the relationship between them after the wedding. Wedding plans are tough enough, we do not need to create enemies along the way. The third and final option was an older cousin who is very experienced in the events management industry. She is a bundle of talents when it comes to details such as planning, organizing, decorating, cake baking, ushering, you can go on and on. With this older cousin, the issue is that their relationship is a bit rocky, and there has been some tension between them leading up to the wedding day. However, we know that if we can get her to manage the event, she will do an excellent job and most likely at a very minimal cost.

Given these 3 options, we decided to utilize 3 criteria to select the best option for an events coordinator we would go for. The first criterion was the financial implication on the service. As seen, due to personal relationships with all three, the bride was sure to get a subsidized rate. I would not bore you with the figures.

The second criterion was the level of relationship with the 3 choices. Alternative one might be awkward especially because there are personal issues that have arisen over the years. Alternative two seems good on this criterion, however, there is the risk of puncturing the relationship. Alternative three is a relationship that must be cajoled, and the bride must summon every humble nerve within her to convince this big cousin. Who needs such emotional stress a few months before their big day?

The third criterion was the skills of each of these coordinators. Two of them are sure to do an excellent job while one is not certain.

So, what was the decision she made? Maybe I should ask you, what decision should she make?


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