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Hmm Analysis of Business problem. Is that what it’s called? I think the name should portray the intensity of the course. I mean the brainstorming that comes with it. I had listed this course to be one of my favorites for the semester until the day came for me to know that I have really used my money to buy problem for myself. Honestly, I had the confidence that I would do so well in analyzing business problems right from the first session and the videos I had watched prior the class. Not me thinking it was just mere decision making by managers or key players in business about situations they face in the organizations. In my small head I felt I could do it swiftly.

The moment Dr Anibaba did all her enchantment on cases, my classmates and I especially was left in bewilderment. Can you explain to me why a problem clearly stated in the case could not, should not and would not have been the actual problem of the case? I am not getting this whole trouble right. I need some air because…

On the other hand, I think this would be an interesting ride for me because, firstly, the course requires one to think, as in think about what your thinking; you can imagine that right? Now can you think about what you are thinking? Hmm. It also rids you from any form of subconscious thoughts and cognitive biases.

 I had written about ABP and decision-making in one of my writings recently. That write up was borne out of the interest for the course. I am not here to repeat what have already been stated but to reiterate that more logical and unbiased thoughts need to be done critically and systematically to take effective decisions. This essay is just me baring my heart for everyone to see that that adage that says “the more you look, the less you see” is not just a metaphor but something that should be taken seriously.

Everything makes me understand that things generally are way deeper than one sees or view them, even in life. I hear people say life is deep, but it is not just life that is deep, ANALYSIS OF BUSINESS PROBLEM is way deeper.

Your Brand is your story

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