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Why bother with surveying when you have already bought your land and “secured” it with a wall fence? So many real estate investors and individuals are still plagued with this question.

There are a couple of reasons why it is important to get your land surveyed in Lagos. Let us start with the basics.

Surveying is the first step in getting any new civil engineering project done. It involves the use of mathematics, advanced software, and equipment to take accurate measurements of the earth’s surface and have them recorded on a plan. At OTIC Surveys, we have the best of this equipment and surveyors to get your land surveyed with utmost accuracy and lodge the record copy in the Office of the Surveyor General of the state. It is by taking these measurements that we know the dimensions and position of the property. It is important to state here that accurate position is so important especially in undeveloped areas because it is in undeveloped areas that boundary lines are easily lost. When a boundary line or corner is lost or destroyed, in most cases the only way to reestablish it is by using the survey plan of the property.

Survey calculations are not just done on land alone but also on the water bodies surrounding that land. Not just that, the survey plays an essential part from the point of development to the final point of construction. Now the information derived from surveys like topographic surveys and bathymetric surveys are crucial to your architects and engineers for planning purposes and for them to have an insight into that land and its surroundings.

To avoid land dispute or encroachment in Lagos and even re-establishing a missing beacon and getting a land subdivision it is important to get a perimeter/boundary survey done on that land before purchase.

More so, there is also the issue of common restrictions placed by law on your property like the height of the building and dimensions. There are also cases of properties blocking another person’s access to their property or road in Lagos. A survey plan will show you the current conditions of your site and its immediate surroundings.

We also have the issue of property zones classification. Some lands are marked for either residential, commercial or industrial use. You might not be aware of this, but a surveyor examines the property regulations to see if a business can operate even in a residential estate.

Furthermore, to sell off your land in Lagos, the buyer will want to have detailed information about the land, its boundary, and its actual location. All this information will be found on the survey plan.

Finally, if your land ever becomes the subject of litigation, always remember that your survey plan will be one of the documents that will be required by the court of law and it may be the document that will help you win the case.

Think about doing a survey plan for your land today. It is a wise investment.

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