The Chrisland School Scandal – My view

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The public domain was caught unawares when the news of a scandal that rocked Chrisland School broke in mid-April 2022. It was a sex scandal of minors.  The school had secured the permission of parents to take some students to Dubai, UAE for an international schools competition. This was sometime in March 2022. Among the lot was a 10 years old girl, whose name was withheld for privacy reasons. The team’s female members were said to have been lodged on the hotel’s fourth floor while the male team was lodged on the eleventh floor. The school had secured this hotel as accommodation for both students’ members of the team and the accompanying teachers. Each hotel room housed 3 students.

On this faithful day, the 10 years old girl left her hotel room and visited a male colleague on the eleventh floor. This was dead into the night after her roommates were fast asleep. Account had it that she went to retrieve her phone charger from this boy, to whom she had lent it earlier in the day. Sadly, this turned out to be false. The boys who occupied this room were expecting her to visit. A video was made of this 10-year-old girl having sex with of the boys in the room. Without being very descriptive, it was such a show of shame and disbelief. The video was shared on the internet and unfortunately became a trending story. The state government had to remind and warn citizens of the legal consequence of viewing and sharing child pornography.

Matters Arising

Since the arrival of the students and teachers into the country, many questions begged for answers. When did the sex video break out on the internet? Where were the teachers on this faithful day? When actually did the school discover this scandalous incident? What steps were taken? When were the parents formally informed?

Surprisingly, the mother of the 10-year-old girl came online to share an account of what she believed transpired. She claimed (apparently according to the account of her daughter) that her daughter lent her phone charger to the boy with whom she had sex and only went up to his room to retrieve the same. On getting to the room, the boys drugged her and forced her to have sex with them. Unfortunately for the mother, the video showed her daughter to be in control of the obscene act and no sign of pain or discomfort of a first-timer. Furthermore, she alleged that the school authorities conducted a pregnancy test on her daughter with parental consent in a bid to bury the atrocity. The school debunked this claim.

The final nail to the coffin was when a TikTok account belonging to the 10-year-old girl was discovered. The girl had sultry and seductive videos she had uploaded in the past. The bottom line is that she had been sexually exposed long before the sexual encounter with her colleague in Dubai.

My Conclusion

In conclusion, who do we blame? The girl? She was brought into this world innocent and society corrupted her. Who is the society? The mother? Apparently, she has a larger share of the responsibility of raising the kid responsibly. Why does a 10-year-old girl have access to a smartphone with internet access unrestricted? Who has responsibility for the content she has been consuming? The school and society at large? How did the school handle the incident after discovering it? Was there any issue in the supervisory responsibility of the teachers when the kids were under their watch? May God help the young girl recover from her decadence.

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