#EMBA27 Post-Examination Feelings

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No feeling comes close to completing an exam

Completing MBA Exams

There is an excitement that accompanies completing a monumental task. Such emotion is often a blend of multiple feelings and relief. The MBA program is a challenging, rigorous, and highly-demanding academic program. It requires frequent and intensive reading, writing, reporting, and critical analysis. The students typically want to celebrate their success in completing the final examinations. Of course, who would not like to celebrate a win? Well, assuming it’s a win, though.

Celebrating the completion of the MBA program could take different forms for different people. Some students will go to a bar, have drinks, and enjoy some entertainment. Others will contact their loved ones and families to share the good feeling of completing the program. Some students will sit back and discuss the examinations written with coursemates and share their optimism and expectations of the outcome.

The Examination Efforts

In preparing for the final examinations, dedicated students make sacrifices. Accordingly, they burn the midnight oil, conduct extensive research, and attend tutorials. On completing the assessments, the first feeling is the feeling of relief. The feeling of crossing a hurdle, of being unburdened and knowing quite well studying is over. Aside from the feeling of relief, there is also the feeling of exhaustion. Students who have taken the time to go above and beyond the requirements for the examination will feel exhausted. Even though they are glad the papers are over, there is still a sensation of exhaustion for those who gave their best and went the extra mile during final revisions.

A feeling of pride accompanies graduating from school, whether an MBA program or any other university degree. It is the feeling of success. You have completed the program due to your dedication, hard work, and tenacity.

The Waiting Game for Results

For some reason, some students experience doubt and fear of failure. While reviewing the course materials, the question paper, and exchanging ideas with classmates, students can see areas where they made mistakes. Discovering these mistakes, no matter how small or negligible, will lead to doubt and fear of failure. Students who compare their answers experience such emotion. People shy away from doing such; some want to know the outcome before the results are out. Accordingly, some students get gripped by the fear of failure and doubt and can only hope the results come out well.

Another feeling students experience after the examination is the feeling of anxiety. Soon after the evaluations, students tend to feel anxious. Those who found out they made a few errors in the examination. They are eager to see the results of their assessments, but the feeling soon wears off when they realize they can do nothing about it.

Results are Out

Eventually, when the results are out, and they turn out well, there is a feeling of victory. The motions of completing a significant goal. Jubilation will be the order of the day and subsequently, the graduates will proceed to pursue their career paths. On to the next challenge!

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