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Ade, a 21-year-old industrious final-year student, has to raise $50,000 to pay for his final-year tuition, but his father suddenly died, leaving him to assist his ill mother.
Ade approaches his wealthy pal, Leke, for financial assistance. Leke offers to assist him if he joins the school cult, but when he rejects, Leke reports him to his fraternity. Because Ade now knows Leke is a member of the cult, the cult leaders plan to destroy him. Ade flees college after escaping an attack by cult members with machetes and weapons. He fights his way out of their clutches, but he is injured. Ade travels to the police station to report the cult attack, but the officer warns him to keep out of trouble.

As a classmate, Ade stayed away from university, Nike sends him lecture updates, he cures his wound, and he obtains a job as a waiter with an event planner. He has the ability to raise N20,000 and has 24 hours to complete the payment or he would be forced to work an extra year. Ade is depressed and crying in his bedroom, and when his mother heard him, she urged him to go out and hunt for any continuing party to give his services to. Ade isn’t hopeful about finding a party because it’s a Wednesday, but he wipes away his sorrows and heads out.
Ade enters into a hall that is hosting an event and approaches the restless lady, SHADE (30s), who is making a call at the serving point.

Shade is suddenly all smiles as she says that she was phoning her servers who haven’t arrived and that she can’t handle the task alone. She readily hires Ade for N20,000,000. Ade assists Shade in cleaning up and packing things after the event. When Ade meets Shade, who is impressed by Ade’s work ethic and grasp of English, he informs Shade that he is a student fleeing cult members on campus and must pay his tuition. Shade’s husband arrives at the scene dressed in his police uniform, and she instructs her husband, ASP Peter Pan, to assist Ade. Ade is overjoyed when the lady hands him N30,000 instead of N20,000.

Leke and his cult members have been apprehended. Ade smiles as he walks away from the bank after paying his tuition. Ade is lucky to be alive to tell his story but there are many Ades who couldn’t or who had to run away.

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