Why do I find Statistics Boring?

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Having successfully scaled through this course as an undergraduate, I run into it again in my MBA programme. Why? “What exactly is its relevance in business applications?”. This was my question to Francis the first time he mentioned we’ll be taking on some statistics courses after the Excel classes ends. At least, Excel is practicable, it is a hands-on data tool that makes us work efficiently. Everyone can relate to it and the impact of the course in our daily lives.

As I sit through the probability class held today, I try to listen and concentrate, fully aware of the 30marks awarded for class participation. Howbeit, I find my mind wandering through irrelevant things, like what to eat after class. This never occurs in other classes, I am always engrossed, ready to learn and apply.

What makes statistics different? I try so hard listening attentively but then, I’m off again. It was a serious struggle. I eventually gave up, convincing myself I’ll watch through the video later.

I am ruminating over this, writing, right after the completion of Data Analytics class. You would have thought the first thing I’ll do is to find something to eat. Hunger is not the issue here unfortunately!   

This class is not as bad as I paint it. I see my other classmates pay rapt attention in class, asking questions and solving them. What can I do differently to change my current predicament?

I suppose this must be a mindset thing, I have conditioned my mind not to like the course and my subconscious is merely acting accordingly. I have associated statistics with boredom. This needs to change! I must begin to motivate self to be intentional with learning regardless of the course.

Firstly, I must devote some time to watch through all the videos this week, solve questions and participate in each class discussions going forward. I will be drafting a study schedule strictly for Data Analytics course with an incentive plan attached, to reward my adherence to the task at hand.

I can’t afford to fail any course. I trust LBS to include only relevant courses in their curriculum. If they had included it, it must be relevant.

I will provide you feedback on the outcome.

Till Next Time!


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