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After 4 months of lectures, online zoom meetings, and group assignments, the first semester examination period finally approached. We had all studied hard after all the class discussion participation. We had read all the online books that were given and downloaded presentations used in the various classes. we even had even held late-night tutorials with our various groups trying to ensure everything taught was clear to all.

In spite of all these, nothing had prepared us for the first two papers that we took which literally took most of us off our feet. Most of us left the examination zoom meeting with heavy hearts but looking forward to another day.

The Corporate Finance Accounting Examination.

This was the first examination and was held on the 22nd of April, 2022. The Professor of accounting- Prof. Owolabi had thoroughly groomed us on some of the accounting terms and methodologies during these past few months. We had delved into so many kinds of financial statements and ratios- my head was bursting with information. I felt like I was a financial guru, ready to deal with any financial document brought to me.

The examination, however, humbled me. There were so many questions- at a point, I think I went blank. The issues were not the questions per se, but how Prof. cleverly crafted them. The focus was to ensure that we had thoroughly understood the course. This was not a ‘define this- define that’ examination. It was purely an application of knowledge session. Knowing it was not enough unless one could apply it. This, in a nutshell, was what the examination was all about.

We did our best in this examination and hope that the knowledge would positively impact us in real life.

The Analysis of Business Problems.

This is the second of 4 examinations we were to take in our first semester. As we had gone through so many sessions of ABP, there was not much reading for this exam. One just has to get the mindset ready for deep and broad thinking. You just need to focus on the 5 Whys and get your mindset in a good and clear state to be able to think clearly and methodically.

This examination was a tougher of the 2 already taken and involved an 18- page case for review. 18 pages of data, calculations. Important statement and inferences to review and prepare a position in 4 hours. This was no mere joke as it even took me over an hour to properly grasp the links between the various information given. The rest was not easy either as the case was very heavy on calculations. In the end, we put in our best in the entire case, analyzed the data, and drew up our conclusion.

As we get ready for next weekend’s round of examinations, individuals may have to put in more effort to ensure a good outcome of the sessions. In the end, only one result would be satisfactory to every one of us. That is to pass the courses.

Written by Ikenna Ngonebu. #EMBA 27

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