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Problems, decisions, questions, complaints, concerns, preferences, likes, dislikes, these things plagued my mind from the onset when I realised that in order to succeed in this journey through the Lagos Business School (LBS), I would have to work with strangers I will not meet often. The ‘meet often’ part comes in no thanks to the policy of the school to embrace a hybrid structure of learning (online and physical classes). The situation was further complicated by the need to succeed as a team or fail as a team. This makes me smirk with laughter now but back in the early days, it was not funny at all.

Backtrack a couple of weeks ago in January 2022 when we were to be split into groups as part of the continuation of our MBA program. This at the time was not really a concern, I am likeable (I think), I work well in a team, and I really push myself to the limit for the collective success of the team. As the saying goes, “you are only as strong as your weakest link” and I certainly did not want to be the one pulling the team back.

Fast forward a few days later, we got our groupings and in the usual anxiety of something new (after all, most of us came into the program with the aim of building a strong network for our careers or businesses), we created a WhatsApp group chat and asked the members of the group to login using the link provided. This link was created by no other than the maestro of PR and limelight himself, Happy ‘the lively one’ Rugbere. Although the title I gave Happy was later taken by another who I will mention later.

The group came online and the usual complimentary greetings followed suit. I was gearing up for a wonderful time. However, it all turned silent, so silent, the dead might query us for trying to compete with the proclaimed graveyard silence. There was simply nothing to say, nothing to do. It was just dead silence. A couple of days later, we got our first task from the professor of Corporate Financial Accounting. The assignment was to be submitted within a very short time frame and it just seemed everybody had a brain relapse and no mention of it was made.

The concern became a worry as I hated to lose. It was at this point I took a call that would change my perception forever and build me a family outside the one I was born into. A family I now call brothers and sisters. A family that cuts across ethnic bigotry and gender insensitivities. A family that is sound in knowledge and skilled in decision making. A family I can call on always. A family I am proud to lead.

I have had some worries in the past regarding my group and how we would succeed together considering all our differences but now, all I can say is I am glad to have stayed put.

From the calmness of the Granola Queen – Abiola to the always cheerful and playful mother of our junior MBA students (as we call them) – Ronke. From the ever-resourceful woman of poise – Ada to the PR master – Happy. From the Accountants in the house and ‘Babas’ in the house – Shuaib and Gaffar to our amiable Mr. ‘never miss any detail’ Chuks. All the way to the boss himself – Papa Charles (who to me, has stolen Happy’s title  – no offence Happy, if you ever get to read this). I feel you all. It has been a joy ride with you guys this first semester. How can I end without a special shout out to our MVPs – Obra and Nomso – you both deserve a high table seat.

To us all and the rest of the time we have to spend in LBS, I say, let us keep the energy going. Lots of struggles to come, lots of challenges to surpass but with teamwork, WE SHALL OVERCOME. WE SHALL RISE TOGETHER AND SUCCESS WILL BE OURS.

God bless us all and God bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

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