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Why do we fear the midnight? Why does darkness scar our fragile hearts so shakingly? Is it because the emptiness of the naked darkness of the night give our fears no place to hide? Does it make our vulnerability cower with no place to cover or do our demons run at the sight of a bigger demon? For those who spend some nights depressed, why is the pain always worst when the frogs come out at night to mate? For those who sleep alone, why does the reality of our loneliness suddenly become so loud it deafens all we heard about the holy book? For those who are bounded by a silver or preferably golden metal constantly worn around our fingers to remind us of the prison we willingly sentenced ourselves to, why are we reminded of the confusion our choices in the dark? What is it about the darkness that shines light on our gray? Why do the night scare us so much yet the mornings do not make it any better as we have to deal with the demons without? Maybe we could find solace in the afternoon, pray the golden sun warms our frozen souls. 

Sometimes I sit and wonder, am I already too full of answers? What is the next exciting to see in this sphere?


Ibukun Adenuga in General
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