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A lot of people gets to work in team but sometimes never gets to appreciate the fact that they were able to finish the work in time because it was a teamwork.

Some people on the other hand believe that the work better and give better result when they work in teams.

After all said, what is a team? Basically, a team is a group of persons associated with a strong complementary skills, pursuing a common purpose and collectively achieving more than the sum of an individuals achievement.
What is teamwork? This are group of interdependent individuals who work together towards achieving a common goal.

We need to understand the fact that most people feel that when the do their work alone, the get to find answers to their solutions faster than when it is done as a team because the make use of their spare time to do their work.

A colleague use to be in the category of those who felt that they arrived at answers quickly when they work alone until I attended a team building class during my brush-up session and shared what was taught in class with her.

These made her realised that some work were better delivered when you work as a team and sometimes you get to learn new things from your team members.

In her case, working with people was not the problem rather she lacked good communication skills which always lead into a conflict situation with her fellow group members.

I shared with her what I learnt during the class and this gave her reasons to why she needed to work on her communication skills in other to be able to avoid conflict situations with other team members.

Part of what I learnt during the class was that there was a big difference between working as a team and working in a team.

When working as a team, every member as the willingness of the group to work together and achieve one goal while when working in a team, not every body is thinking about achieving success.

I made her to reflected on a few team work I did last year and how fast we were able to achieve a good result within a short period of time compared to her own she preferred to do alone without getting assistance from anybody which kept her work overtime

I pointed out benefits she was going to enjoy from teamwork to her;


Teamwork was going to expand her knowledge

It brings better business result

Teamwork helps you to learn new things

It improves your communication skills

Sharing of workload

It creates opportunity for self expression

After all said, my colleague saw reasons with me and appreciated my courage to be able to share my ideas with her and promised to be open to teamwork.

In conclusion, for a team to achieve success it requires individual commitment, good team spirit and a credible leader who has same common purpose and goal. So it is advisable for organizations to encourage teamwork.


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