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Dear Son,

If by the time you read this letter I am no more, please kiss mum, but if I am, hug me.

Son, I have loved you even before you were conceived, your mother and I have always imagined what you would look like, we argue about whose attitude you would take after and whose physical appearance you would carry, all these we did while we were dating as at the time I was writing this letter.

My son, I am writing this letter, first to say I love you and second, to inform you about the world you have come to reside in.

I know full well you were born for a genuine purpose, and you must be sure to discover what purpose you were created for and stay on track.

Son, the world is filled with different people in all ramifications, do not expect everyone or anyone to be like you or think the way you do, everyone is wired differently and that’s what makes the world beautiful.

Dear son, God is the ultimate, when you are in trouble, call on him, when you cannot find someone to talk to, call on him, when you need direction call on him, though you may not see him physically but always be aware that he is with you and is constantly seeking to have a conversation with you.

Son, avoid friends who behave badly, do not sit around with people who waste their lives on drugs, alcohol, and women, it will render you useless. At all times, be sure to be in the right place at the right time, and always pray for the spirit of God to guide your steps.

Treat ladies the way you would want your daughters to be treated in the future, do not hit a lady, be nice and gentle with them because they are the weaker sex, do not ever see them as lower than yourself, celebrate them when you have to and stay away from them if you have to because, as much as they are a bundle of joy to men, most of them can also be the downfall of a man.

Finally, son, choose your friends wisely and be a good husband to your wife, a good father to your children no matter the circumstances.

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