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In business as well as life generally, communication is very vital in our everyday lives. I have come to understand the importance of communication especially in business. Communication can either be verbal or non-verbal and knowing how to transfer information appropriately is what is paramount in the act of communicating.

To communicate verbally, there are quite several factors that should be considered. One of those is the mastery of the language; that is understanding the language in which one is communicating in. This can be in form of clarity of words, this brings about the mastery of expression verbally. An example of verbal communication is public speaking. In this situation, one must understand and master the topic of discussion, mastery of the audience, in the sense of familiarizing with the audience, knowing the language understood by the audience and the knowledge of the subject of presentation. One must be aware of the type or form of communication to use in achieving best results, whether it is informative or persuasive.

In preparing for a presentation, one must pay attention to the presentation slides to make sure there are no distractions on each slide, use of concise words and less graphics. There is a need to do the plan, prepare, practice and performance method. Planning entails the learning of the subject, preparation is about the research, while practice, of course is the deliberate act of mastering the work and then performance which is the final stage. When all these are taken into cognizance, one tends to make a good presentation.

Another way of communicating is the writing method or the non-verbal way of communicating. This method requires more work than the speaking in my opinion because, even though one may have knowledge of the reader, one may not immediately know the impact of the message on the receiver or the reader. This type of method needs to be carefully put in place in terms of correct grammar, punctuation marks, sentence organization and good use of vocabularies. It is advisable not to use hedge words, euphemisms, cliche or buzzwords in writing but adopt the plain writing style.

The non-verbal method of communication requires one to do a drafting of the piece, proofread and make appropriate corrections. Also, in writing, the writer must be familiar with the reader of the work; this is to enable the writer to be well abreast on how to convey the message in the most appropriate way the reader will understand clearly. Remember, the tone in which a writer express in written communication can be perceived by the reader; it can be either humorous, angry, imploring, resentful etc. In this case, one should be mindful of the tone considering the recipient and the purpose too.

Generally, when writing or speaking, one must choose a channel for communicating, these channels may be.

  • Information
  • Argument or
  • Assumption

The recommended channel one may choose to use is based on the purpose of communication and it can be achieved by using either reasoning, emotions, or character.


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