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On the morning of my birthday, I was awoken with an echo of a surprise birthday song and a portrait painting of myself was given to me as a birthday present by my brothers. While trying to wrap my head around all that was going on, my irreplaceable wife, Clarion came forward from the crowd with a variety of gifts. Inscribed on the gifts were Touch, Feel, Smell, Sound and Taste. I must say that I was swept away by her choice of birthday present for me and at the same time, I felt terrible because I scolded her the previous day about not some funny movements I didn’t agree with, and I never gave her the chance to explain; little did I know that she was busy putting together beautiful birthday presents for me.

You see, Clarion is my number 1 and only, and nobody can take her place. Although we have our differences, we do not allow them to get in our way.  I couldn’t have asked for a better partner because she is all I want. She goes out of her way to please me and never judges me or anyone around her, she is a highly optimistic person and the sweetest thing on the surface of the earth. Okay, that’s enough about my wife, for now, let’s get back to my birthday.

I least expected all the love and drama I got from friends and family. I had a plan to invite a few friends to wine and dine with me on my birthday, but I ended up having a huge birthday celebration with friends and well-wishers trooping in and out of the house, to wish me well. whilst filling their stomach with either the sumptuous barbeque or the delicious Jollof rice accompanied with spicy fried chicken or fish.

The high point of the event was the presence of a legendary rock star and master showman by name Dabyna ‘son of rock’ who came in to wish me a happy birthday just like everyone else, but in a rock style. He played his guitar, sang a birthday song for me, and gave me a cool rock and roll old skool song to dance to. My wife was not left out on this one, she was made to dance with me and at the end, she gave me a memorable birthday kiss that I would never forget in a hurry.

The birthday came to an end by midnight, and I went to bed feeling like a newborn.


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