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I let myself know I planned to compose once every week this year, and LBS has given me the right opportunity to fulfil the commitment, motivated or not, I did. Yet I simply didn’t feel those contemplations were sufficient to be distributed.

Why? I can’t understand.

For a while now, I’ve been attempting to fabricate my flexibility into cultured words as required to succeed in my coursework. I’ve additionally been attempting to prepare myself to be content, in the great and the terrible times. I figure an inconspicuous method for saying it is that: I have been attempting to prevent my heart from breaking or being ripped apart because of the consistent horrible news that plagues this nation daily and afterwards attempting to boost my energy by listening out for truly interesting news. A child dancing at a ballet competition, the Nigerian police force uncharacteristically helping out a citizen with a broken-down vehicle, an octogenarian running for president. Take your pick.

I should say, it’s quite troublesome. Balance is troublesome, however, we, in the end, need to figure out how to carry on with life above the waging wars in our minds.

Now, I’m not sure what we’re referring to, but rather assuming you’re perusing this, I tracked down something to end the piece with.

I think I’ve sorted something out…

There’s this statement that goes:

…what feels like the end is in many cases is the start.

On the off chance that there’s something I’ve come to fear so much is the finish of something, anything – a program, a course, a friendship, a task, an agreement, a day-to-day existence.

The end generally accounts for vulnerabilities (on many occasions), since you don’t know how things would work out. Could things be smooth? Could there be a delicate landing? What amount of time could it require to recuperate? At any point could I deal with it?

Questions that frequently don’t find clear solutions.

This previous week, I needed to leave a school of thought I’ve held for comfort for more than 8 years and it seems like a separation I could not fathom. Indeed, I am continuing toward more noteworthy things however, I can’t resist the urge to feel the slight bits of bitterness going around in my heart.

Yet, similar to I what was cited before, for new things to come in, the old need to leave.

All through 2022, how about we open up to endings. The unlimited possibilities of being free. They imply new things, new encounters, new feelings, and generally speaking better chances to develop and learn.

Assuming there’s a region of your being where you want to begin tolerating the endings, I’ll recommend you get at it sufficiently early. You never know, you could just miss it if you wait too long.

Process what is happening, recuperate and push ahead.

So to the remainder of 2022, the extended period of heaps of endings and wonderful beginnings!

All my adoration.

As I always end with (for the simple hope of a new beginning), God bless us all and God bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

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