Who is to blame? Leadership or the Led?

Samuel Anene Written by Samuel Anene · 1 min read >

A leader is simply a role model. An influencer. A pacesetter and someone who is imparting and training others to follow in their footsteps.

The real heroes in our public service are hardly recognized, or rewarded and celebrated. They are not super-rich or regarded as superhuman. They are not influential enough to get a rapid promotion. They do not have the rare privilege of dining with kings, and nobles.

Instead, the wealthy and politicians within the system, become the victors that share the spoil. They are surrogates to the political gladiators. Their artificial reputation forms a shield around their acts. As public servants, they wear the best clothes, marry the best women, drink expensive champagne, and drive exotic cars with palatial buildings in choice places.

To tease the real heroes, the managers of the system impose these caucuses on the citizens, as our role models.  We have come to see corruption as a way of life.

We have resulted in prayers, pessimism, negativity, and taking the present condition and situation as a way of life. However, Negativity and pessimism are not helpful for us as a nation. Albeit, we cannot rely on optimism and prayers alone. People pray for everything they do, whether good intentions or bad.

For Nigeria to become better, we must act and change what is within us as individuals, and not necessarily rely solely on prayers and optimism. “Will you tie your horse or camel, securely, and then pray to God to help you secure it”? No of course. Until we change our fundamental disposition and behavior as individuals, both leadership and God will not come to our rescue.

Don’t get me wrong. We need to definitely pray to God, who is the All-knowing, Gracious, Kind, and Merciful. Have you ever pondered on this, why did God create hell? Judging by the promises that God has made in several religious manuals. We know hell is not a good place, and it’s not going to be empty. Therefore, if everyone (including the hypocrites, thieves, murderers, and rapists) were to rely on prayer, who then is going to hell?

My point is simple: We need to act in our own little ways, as individuals to live godly and be good to others, as well. So that our children and generations yet unborn will reap the benefits of our piety and good works. And, we ourselves are saved from the wrath & damnation that’ll be waiting at the end of our sojourn here on earth. Take it, or leave.

We can deceive ourselves, or fellow human beings, but we cannot deceive God (for example by being corrupt during the day and then praying at night). If you die at sunset, the angels in charge of Heaven and Hell are not going to debate about where to throw you. It will be very obvious to which of them you belong.

Our values are gradually eroding. You can imagine parents encouraging their children to be involved in examination malpractices. They pay mercenaries to sit for their children’s examinations in the primary and secondary schools. Then, we blame the government for everything. As we trust the system to change, we ourselves as individuals need to change.


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