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There was a mention about the quality of the lunch at the LBS MBA school during our induction session as new entrants of the EMBA cohort 27. Many did not take it seriously. At most, we thought it was one of those ways any school would want to portray itself positively.

However, I did pay attention in this case. This was not only because I loved food, but I am also a bit finicky about the quality and cleanliness of where I eat. Therefore, when the dean mentioned that the LBS cafeteria and lunch are known for their quality, I wanted to check it out myself someday. During the intensive week session, I had the opportunity to take them to the task so I could experience that cuisine myself.

The Entrance.

I judge most restaurants and kitchens from the state of the entrance and I have been correct in most of my assessments. I have visited quite a lot of restaurants in Lagos; what you get at the entrance door is a good estimate of what your experience inside the restaurant would be.

The lunch area at the LBS was no exception. The entrance was simple, neat, and tidy. It was set up in such a way as to give privacy, whilst inside but still visible enough for one to find when one is hungry for a quick lunch. I loved the double door entrance to the cafeteria; it reminded me of images in one of my favorite cartoons. For me, the door entrance signifies excellence, attention to detail, cleanliness, and tidiness. As we walked past the door, I immediately saw the row of spotless clean stainless steel food holders and I knew I was in for a treat.

Inside, with my lunch.

We were served by 2 well-dressed ladies, who welcomed us with smiles. It was like they were delighted that we were there. This was similar to the greetings and warmth one gets at the entrance of LBS, and from all the staff at the center. The ladies’ white overalls were clean and well-ironed, and they all wore hair caps like proper chefs.

As I grabbed my plate of food and sat with my colleagues at one of the round tables, I paused to soak in the ambiance. The room was spacious and very tidy. There was no smell coming from the kitchen and no annoying dustbins by the side- a disturbing feature of most Lagos restaurants. I guess most of those do not realize that no one wants to have a dustbin nearby whilst eating. The round set-up tables encouraged discussions over lunch which further ensuring networking among students.

The lunch itself was splendid and delicious. The well-done succulent chicken part did it for me. It was well spiced, while the Jollof rice side was a sumptuous dish to devour. Maybe the cooks themselves had an MBA in cooking and savored us with this delight.

Take Aways.

As I left the lunch area after dropping off my fool tray, a couple of conclusions came to my mind. These would continue to follow me even beyond my LBS EMBA academic days.

  1. Cleanliness is next to Godliness. The place was very clean, and the school shows this everywhere one goes, especially in the cafeteria. It leaves a strong positive impression in the minds of visitors.
  2. It pays to be detailed – it shows professionalism and consideration for others. There was clear attention to detail in this cafeteria, with consideration of the guests that would be eating there.
  3. Work with a smile, irrespective of the work you do. Same as the motto of St. Benedict: ‘’Ora et labora’’, a Latin phrase meaning to work is to pray. I believe the people working in the kitchen and LBS as a whole, follow this motto.

These I would remember, long after the memory of the taste of the LBS lunch fades away.

Written by Ikenna Ngonebu. #EMBA27

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