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I have to begin by saying that, I am in love with the confluence of concepts that this MBA program has delivered so far. I got exposed to the concept of weighting qualitative variables in the previous “Analysis of Business Problems” class. It has sent me on a journey to “muse-land” once again.

In one of the earliest accounting class sessions, Professor Akintola Owolabi said, “what cannot be measured cannot be properly managed”. This has stuck with me ever since. Marrying that with my recent exposure to the knowledge of weighing qualitative variables – it has prompted me to make a decision to help cure my indecisiveness.

But, before I let you in on my little solution which may be apparent by now. I would like to elaborate on a fact. Not only is my experience in LBS helping to improve my business, analytical and professional outlook but also, my life, in general. I am learning to apply systematic measures to curb some of my life-long deficiencies like, indecisiveness. Which I had believed to be a product of my love for variety but, has slowly become a problem.

I see that a lot of what I learn here for the enhancement of my professional life colossally influences and relates to my personal life. And, I am certain that this, would create a fit foundation for all the more, to come.


This weighting idea that I am learning to apply to my life is helpful in showing me how to chose and prioritize things of value over those of less value. Depending, on the case presented. This had previously been difficult to do because I do not like to throw things away, I like to hold on. I am sentimental like that (I laugh). However, I now understand that having too many things in view only lessens my focus. In addition, I also picked up, from an “Art of Decision Making” brush-up session that;

When a focus is not available, the available becomes the focus”.

Whilst this might not be plainly correlated with the subject at hand, when you think about it, an inability to make decisions hurts your focus. The only thing this succeeds in contributing is a fragmented view. With, scant bits of focus scattered abroad- too little to make any real impact or yield remarkable performance levels. Again, with an aim to be a world-class manager amongst other successes.

I must learn to focus before I am able to convincingly present a focus or viewpoint that my team members buy into. I must be able to give clear and precise information not, propagate confusion.


For any instance without clear numerical implications, come to a decision in two easy steps;

  1. Designate a suitable scale (in percentage, ratio, etcetera)
  2. Allocate numbers based on inference using the designated scale.
  3. Review allocations.
  4. Make a conclusion based on the order of preference (if you get what I mean?)
  5. Voila! There’s your decision staring you in the face.

I intend to diligently continue to put this into practice, in every situation that requires it. I have testimonies already lined up from the few times I have (a story for another day).

At this juncture, I rest my pen. Well, in this case, it is my fingers I get to rest.


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