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I’ve always had the habit of sleeping with my phones such that I check at interval whenever I’m awake. It got so bad that I continue with read emails or news flash in dream land. It has always been advised to keep phones away from bed to enhance good sleep etc. But the reasons were not strong enough to stop the habit and most importantly, I did not want to miss a thing and I also felt they can be managed until the impact of bad sleep on stress level was discussed during my LBS brush-up in the Emotional Intelligence class.  During the class, I learnt how EQ can equip managers, directors, CEO, and even an individual to become great leaders

Emotional Intelligence is the capacity to perceive, control and express one’s emotion and to decode and respond appropriately to the emotions of others. It is the balance between the emotional and logical brain. EQ is a meta-ability that determines how well we can use our other intelligences, skills and abilities. People with high EQ are more likely to be effective and excel in many domains of life whether in corporate settings or in a relationship.

Importance of EQ

  • Helps leaders to be authentic communicator and inspirers
  • It helps one to move from a manager to a leader
  • It is very necessary for leaders and their organisations
  • It’s a major difference between those who move up and those who do not
  • Helps one’s networking and people relationship skills
  • It is the strongest drive of leadership and personal excellence
  • To succeed in life, EQ is more needed than IQ
  • Emotional intelligence is flexible and responsive to age unlike IQ that is fixed at certain age

Difference between EQ and IQ

It is how we apply what we learntIt is what we learnt
It is intangibleIt is tangible
It is psychologicalIt is technical

The human brain Amygdala is responsible for Emotional Intelligence.

Amygdala triggers emotional responses. It typically gets signal from neocortex, but quicker and fuzzier signals come directly from the thalamus. The amygdala is the seat of all passions. It triggers emotional tears or crying. No Amygdala, effective blindness. He who can control Amygdala will be emotionally intelligent or else will be a victim of Emotional Hijacking

Competences of EQ

  • Self – awareness: This is the ability to understand one’s emotion and understand the tendencies across situation; what drives you, and why you react the way you do. This shows up in self-confidence, awareness of your emotional state and recognizing how your behavour impacts others.
  • Self – Management: This is the ability to use your emotional awareness to control your emotions and direct your behavior. This shows up in emotional self -control, patience, ability to control impulsive behavior, management of stress, anxiety and excitement.
  • Social awareness: e.g., cognitive empathy, emotional empathy, being socially and cultural intelligent
  • Relationship management: this reflects in effective team leadership, good interpersonal relationship, effective communication and managing with empathy and fairness

How to increase your EQ

  1. Keep your stress level under control
  2. Sports and exercise
  3. Manage your anger
  4. Emotional agility
  5. Effective communication
  6. And Gratitude
  7. Get more sleep by maintaining a routine, shut down your phones and laptops. Poor sleep will impair your EQ and can also has lots of side effect such as irritability, increased heart rate, risk of diabetics type 2, impaired immune system etc. To this effect and many more, I keep my phones far away whenever, I want to sleep

Finally, your emotional intelligence is very important in your daily life. But then, how well do you sleep? #MMBA3

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