Effective Communication as a Manager

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Communication is a vital skill required to be successful in one’s career, particularly as a manager. In my first month as an MBA student, Communication seems to be the major skill that cuts across all the subjects taught in the program. Everybody communicates in different forms through different media; it could be verbal or non-verbal. Regardless of the form, the basis of communication is information sharing.

A successful business manager uses verbal, and written communication skills to facilitate information sharing within and outside the organization to relate with other stakeholders.

For communication to be effective, the communicator must have a clear idea of the topic. Good knowledge of the subject will help to express ideas in different ways, more importantly, to form the idea conveyed to suit the audience.

The purpose must be clear to the communicator and understood by the receiver. Otherwise, it will be a waste of time for bother parties.

Planning is very important. Doing a little research to gain more information on the subject will be very useful. It will be wise also to understand the audience to prepare a well-structured medium for the communication.

One must pay attention to the content of the messages. The Objective of the message should be clear. The tone, the emotion conveyed, the grammar, the authenticity of the information, etc. All these influence the listener’s understanding of the information.

Feedback from the receiver is very necessary for effective communication, No matter the form and the channel of the communication. Imagine sending a well-structured and articulated email to a colleague and there is not a single word of acknowledgement to the email. You will have to check the s “Sent Items” folder in your email to confirm if the email was delivered. That is a more formal example. Now looking so gorgeous on a Monday morning in your best outfit and a very nice fragrance, and yet not even a colleague noticed your looks or even the nice scent that ushers you into any office you visit. I do not need to tell you how the ladies will react to that.

When one communicates effectively it fosters a sustainable and productive relationship. When information is passed without ambiguity it reduces the rigor of making explanations and saves time for both the communicator and the receiver. It enhances a team’s efficiency and innovation. When a work environment promotes good communication, it boosts employee morale and builds a cohesive team. Good communicators are good managers. The manager understands the attitude and grievances of his employee or stakeholders. Applying emotional intelligence and effective communication, in the end, contribute to the overall growth of the team.

Some of the attributes of effective communication are summarized in Cs

  1. Completeness of the message
  2. Clarity the message
  3. Integrity of the message
  4. Conciseness of the message
  5. Consideration of the physical setting and the recipient
  6. Courtesy
  7. Correctness of the message

A successful business largely leverages effective communication to communicate its competencies and capabilities. Effective communication skills are vital for building active and effective interactions among colleagues, clients, bosses, and stakeholders. It is of utmost importance for all personnel in all phases of business life in any organization.


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