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The Dilemma

Having learned the importance of setting up a clear objective on the ABP course (Analysis of Business Problems), I continually like to ask myself when faced with any decision what my objective is. before going into my write-up, I will like to look at what objective truth is and what the difference between setting objectives and setting a goal is.

According to, an objective is something that one’s effort or action is intended to attain or accomplish while a goal is a result or achievement towards which effort is directed. With these definitions looking very similar, what now is the difference between an objective and a goal?

according to, they define the main difference between objectives and goals is that objectives are precise actions or measurable steps individuals and groups take to move closer to the goal. They are specific targets that typically have a time-bound schedule or timeline for completion.

For example, a company may have a goal of becoming the most profitable advertising agency in the country. Objectives related to this goal might include increasing their new business sales by five percent each quarter, growing their market share by a set time frame, improving client retention rates by 10 percent each month, or adding two new products to their product line by the end of the fiscal year.

My recent dilemma

After 22 classes of ABP, it will be unfair to Dr Anibaba for anyone in the class to make a decision without a clear objective and clearly analyzing the criteria against the available alternatives. We were going to do internal recruitment (from one department to the other). This position is very much required. Anyone can learn it in the long run, but the preferred option is to hit the ground running once the candidate resumes. The current volume of work is a lot and there will not be time to hand-hold anyone coming into the role. However, there are some new members currently on the team who require handholding, adding one more person will affect the team’s performance.

The objective, therefore, is to recruit someone with a clear understanding of the roles and who has somehow played in the space in their previous role.

The Interview Process

There were 4 candidates shortlisted for the interview – 3 male and 1 female. There was also four panelists (1 HR person, the chairman of the occasion (usually a more senior person to oversee the activity for fairness), the hiring manager, and then a guest interviewer with knowledge of the role to be hired.

After the interview process, 2 candidates clearly came top. Unfortunately, the 2 others did not do so well. So the decision is to choose the candidate that fit the initial objective most.

The first candidate has absolute knowledge on the technical skills. It really do seem like once this candidate resumes, there are 80% chances of hitting the ground running. Technical skills plus knowledge of the internal stakeholders to liaise with. This seems like a goof fit.

On tomorrow’s episode, this will be completed. Stay tuned….

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