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Thoughts From My White Throne (1)

Faith Uyi Minister Written by Faith Uyi Minister · 2 min read >

I sat on my white throne playing my favorite game. You know that part of the house where you interact with nature, appreciating the beautiful ease of unburdening. Then the word came to me – I want what you have. It is the greed of nature, one that shows off proudly as jealousy, escalating into covetousness. So in this story let us give a name, you, you is a young girl in her twenties and you has a friend called Funke.
Funke buys a new car, she drives it to your house and suddenly you forget it is her you both are congratulating. It’s a quick flash, o how the devil works! It’s a quick picture, you suddenly see yourself in your car. Funke’s car is no match for your imaginary car, yours would be a ‘banger’, the one that shuts down every voice on the street, silencing all the haters. Then next your mind drifts in a bid of self-defense trying to escape the thought that you feel you have failed because Funke has a car and you do not yet have yours. Your mind fills your heart with disgust, “she must have a sugar daddy, he must have gotten her this car, thank God I do not indulge in such disgraceful behavior”.
Next week you walk into ShopRite, while you’re paying for your groceries, this old guy says hi. The hi metamorphosis into friendship and some days down the line you are dating your version of a sugar daddy. Your subconscious, the same that has been in control from the moment you heard ‘hi’, makes you start subtly say you need a car. Mr. Hi eventually gets you a car and the first place you move the new baby to is Funke’s office. You see Funke flushed with jealousy while giving a loud shout of excitement, somewhere in your subconscious without your knowledge nor permission, you whisper to yourself “I got what you had”.
The above story may not happen, if we should calculate the probability of occurrence, well that’s yours to calculate not mine. At least not in this government that has successfully slashed the financial wings of sugar daddies and citizens alike so no one could bear the cost of adultery anymore. Not to deviate from my story, we were talking about you.
Now here comes the question, the deep questions we forget to truly ask ourselves. Did I want the car Funke had or was my covetousness towards the psychological? Truly was it the car I wanted or the feeling that I too has become ‘successful’, successful enough to feel some level of superiority over the person I called friend? If we are honest with ourselves, truly honest, and pretend we cannot hear your thoughts, you would agree that the latter is the case.
The latter in the above analysis is largely the reason cybercrime, ritual killings, and all the crazy vices we are no longer strangers to happen every day. Yet it is also the reason why some may feel empty after acquiring all the wealth the world can offer. In my conclusion, we are more powerful to fight an enemy identified and named than one we all shy away from confronting. Nobody should argue with me, I’m eating pizza on Good Friday night to celebrate my savior.

Man’s Freedom

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