The Splendour of Eko Atlantic City

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Wonders will never end they say. In our younger days, the Bar Beach Lagos was fun for kids.

As a kid, you would walk the sandy wet coastline as the salty and smoothen water from the sea occasioned by the sea waves washed your feet. How we loved to collect seashells washed ashore which we use to create beautiful patterns and artifacts. The competition for who will have the largest collection of seashells to show off at home.

The awesomeness of the water waves and the accompanying roars were fearful, but they didn’t diminish the fun rather provided the right natural somewhat musical background to the atmosphere.

Horse riding, playing games like beach volleyball and soccer were all part of the activities. And for the more adventurous and bolder ones, a swim in the shore waters was something to dare with the risk of being swept offshore by the strong receding waves. To discourage such dangerous adventures, our elders also told us stories of mermaids and water spirits that could lure you inside the water, never to be seen again. These thoughts and the myth were very scary.

So, the visit to the beach required boldness and clearly not for the chicken hearted but full of fun and was always an experience we looked forward to, especially during festive occasions and holidays.

All these have now become a thing of the past since the Chagoury’s moved into the Lagos Bar beach to create a new city at the site of the beach. Using highly sophisticated sand filling technology to push back the shoreline of the Atlantic and acquire an extensive stabilized land area to create the new city; the Eko Atlantic. A visit to this new creation will leave your mouth agape.

The first unimagined site that will strike your eye are the beautiful multi storey buildings that are springing up and dotting the landscape at spots that were once water. Entering the city and driving up to the marina stabilized by large stones will reveal the longest manmade marina in the world. A wonder to behold. Standing on the marina and gazing into the water of the Atlantic and the sight of ships approaching and leaving the harbour bring pleasure and reveals the magnificence of nature, and the creativity of man. This is even more exciting when viewed at night as the lights from the ship beautify the scenery.

Although all the fun and thrills of the Lagos Bar Beach now seem relegated to memories. The awesome beauty of the Eko Atlantic, the latest modern city in Nigeria presents an even more opportunity for a more enjoyable experience. Visit the Eko Atlantic to experience it yourself.

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