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A great team doesn’t always start strong. There are a lot of issues and conflicts in a team and tackling these issues...

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A great team doesn’t always start strong. There are a lot of issues and conflicts in a team and tackling these issues helps the team grow stronger. This process is known as team building.

Teem Building is one of the brush-up courses thought at LBS. I had previously taken a team building course and it really improved things for me at the workplace. I was glad to also find that it was a core fundamental at LBS. 


Team building is a process that helps a group of people evolve into a compatible unit. For most groups to achieve their aim, they need to work together and establish a strong and trustworthy relationship. 

Working as a team gives an edge over your peers, encourages growth and a higher productivity. It also fosters friendship, helps build our experience bank, harnesses individual skills and positively impacts on members weaknesses.

Importance of Team Building:

It is well known that team building helps develop most aspects of our lives. At work or at school, it helps develop the team’s confidence and morals. In groups we all have a sense of shared purpose and team building helps improve on that for us. This in turn, impacts positively on all members in the team and helps them achieve their aim successfully and timely.

Diversity in teams also adds to one’s understanding and learning. It helps to foster our creativity, and as a group, building on each other ideas and talents increases our skills and our level of creativity.

Competition has always been taking in the context of an unhealthy lifestyle but working as a group promotes healthy completion. Here, to succeed, you’ll need your team to also succeed. This helps to inculcate the team spirit better as well as 

There’ll most certainly be disagreements especially due to the diversity in groups, but as a unit, conflict resolution is easier handled and, in a way, improves on the bond of the team.

Steps to efficient team building:

Below are a few important factors to take into considerations.

Having great leadership in a team is an important factor. Consensus in teams is always advised as it makes sure everyone participates in the decision-making process, but it’s sometimes difficult to reach a consensus in a team and that is where leadership in a team comes in.

Also, taking good advantage of the diversity in a group. Properly planning and using the diversity as strengths is an important step in Team building. 

Trust amongst each other is also important, it is essential to the effective communications and cooperation in the team. It also improves on the problem-solving skills of the team as clear and concise communication is key to this.


Productive results are most times never from individual contributions. Working together as a group has been proven to have the best result. It is important to also know that each member of a team must be a willing contributor. 

I’m sure we are all in teams and I encourage everyone of us to put in our best in the team activities. Remember there’s no first position in the grading system but helping one another increases our chances of learning a whole lot more and of course having good grades at the end of the day. 

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