Group 2 Experience: The Capstone Project. #EMBA 27

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During the first week of EMBA 27 Corporate Finance Accounting Class, Prof. Akintola Owolabi, the class facilitator mentioned a group Capstone Project. It would be part of the core requirement for concluding the course at the end of the semester. There was some note of excitement in the class that day as he described what the project would be about; everyone was looking forward to it. However, it was not until the 25th of March 2022 that we got the instructions on our E-Leaning platform on the details of this project.

Over the next couple of weeks, my group (Group 2) worked very hard to deliver on the project. We had to make a strong impact both for learning purposes and to secure high marks as well.

Having worked with this team for close on this assignment for several days, I captured 3 key attributes the group members exhibited that helped us progress on this Capstone project.


Group 2 comprises members that have varied professional backgrounds. We have finance-oriented professionals, IT experts, health professionals, media executives, and even an international student. This diversity in our background creates a good spread of knowledge, thought processes, and a broad mindset in addressing challenges. We are never lacking in any key area of expertise as we would already have someone who has had some experience or learning from that area.

During the Capstone project, we had to work a lot with group members that had finance-related backgrounds. They were able to break up and explain the data for the others, walk us through the various financial ratios and give us a good understanding of the impact of each. The analytic experts in the team analyzed the data. They also worked with the team in putting up all the data and calculations in an easy to understand format. Finally, those that had good presentation preparation skills to put everything together in a PowerPoint version. Each person brought their expertise to this project to ensure its success.

Dedication and Respect.

There was an obvious strong positive mindset within the team- everyone was willing to put in their best to ensure the success of the project. Our discussion meetings are usually set up in the evening and we always recorded a very high turn up. Not only were the turn-ups good, but the quality of the discussions was equally captivating. We were not afraid of constructive criticism in our discussion and an outside observer would think we were getting marks for team participation.

I believe this dedication arose from our work ethics, mutual respect, and also understanding that we were a team that wanted to get an excellent outcome.

Meetings Attendance/Punctuality.

I decided to mention meeting attendance and punctuality separately because not getting this right can kill teamwork. When members of a team do not attend meetings or are not punctual, it may negatively impact the team spirit. Some team members may also feel they are being overworked or taken for granted. This could sabotage the activities of a team and create frictions, leading to poor performance.

Group 2 members are very punctual for meetings, especially for the Capstone project. Even when any member would be late, we usually send a chat stating this or the reason for being absent. This is not only a show of respect- which I had mentioned earlier but also exemplifies professionalism in our activities. As managers in the workplace, it means we would be leading by example in this aspect.

In Closing…

I must say it has been an exciting and knowledge-filled journey for me, as we wrapped up the Capstone project. The team dynamics, dedication to activities and mutual respect really made it all the more enjoyable.

I extend my appreciation to all Group 2 EMBA 27 members. To Kemi, Tosin, Tolu, Temitope, Jason, Augustus, Yemi, Peters, Seun, and Damilola, thank you for your collaboration in this project.

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