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‘Good grooming is integral and impeccable style is a must. If you don’t look the part, no one will want to give you time or money’

Daymond John

If truly no one will give you the attention or money that you seek, simply because of the first impression given as a result of your grooming, it is therefore, imperative that we pay attention to our dressing and grooming.

One of the social skills that I learnt during the brush-up classes is ‘Winning Sartorial Skills’. Attention was given to skills such as:

  1. Accessorizing: Accessories is like the icing on your dressing, it often upgrades your outfits but must be given the utmost care as it can make or break a successful look. Accessories include but not limited to belt, socks, ties, wrist watches, necklaces etc.
Accessories icing for dresses
  • Special occasion dressing: It is important that we dress for and according to the occasion. A Cocktail party is different from Black tie event or Owambe party but attention must be given to the dress codes for each event.
Dress Code: Black Tie
Black Tie
  • Corporate dressing: Basic business wardrobe (Corporate) for women include suits (fabric, fit and comfortable), Skirt suits (Have at least two in sober but versatile colours such as brown, grey, black etc.), apart from suits, you can have other quality fabrics with some stretch. For men, basic business wardrobe should have suits (navy, black or charcoal), quality fabric with fit proportion (no chameleon colours).
Corporate Grooming
Corporate Dressing
  • Business casual dressing: While dressing casually, ensure to maintain executive look and give attention to quality (elegance) not quantity.
Grooming Business Casual
Business Casual

Why should you pay attention to your Grooming?

‘Grooming is the secret of real elegance. The best clothes, the most wonderful jewels, the most glamorous beauty don’t count without good grooming’.

Christian Dior

There are enormous advantages which include:

  • Prevents premature ageing
  • It boosts self confidence
  • Poor grooming isn’t macho
  • Care of your skin, nails, teeth, and body helps improve your wellbeing.

Here are the basics:

  • Brush teeth twice daily
  • Have a good bath at least once a day
  • Moisturize your body according to your body type
  • Use antiperspirant or deodorant to prevent sweaty and smelling underarms
  • Have a good shave to reduce sweating and odour
  • Use shampoo and conditioner on your hair
  • Always keep your facial hair neat
  • Keep your nails clean and not too long
  • When you use fragrance, don’t use too much

Given the foregoing, it is of utmost importance to plan your wardrobe and when doing that consider your body type, avoid extreme fashions, ensure you buy good quality materials, try your clothes with shoes on and more importantly, consider your workplace culture.

Your grooming should always have a positive impact while your dressing should distinctly show self-confidence, reliability, and professionalism.

‘Clothes make the man; naked people have little or no influence on the society’

Mark Twain

Always remember that you are a brand, your most treasured personal belonging and all care must be taken to maintain the best brand of yourself. Therefore, think sartorial elegance, improve your grooming.

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