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I have been inundated with some form of work at different stages of my life, be it in the family or at the office, they all seem to keep coming. The major difference is that while the family is characterized by camaraderie and a sense of togetherness (i.e., we rise together, we fall together) office work is more likely to be a situation of you are on your own (O.Y.O). However, this Lagos Business School (LBS as we are commonly called) experience is a whole new level of stress added. It brings out the true fighter in anyone. Needless to say, we are all already fighters in our endeavours, LBS seems to try to force out the true grit that exists within each and every one of us.

I have decided to write about the experience course wise, though we only take 4 courses, it might not be possible to do justice to them all in one blog post. Four may seem like a very small number but LBS made four seem like forty.

Let us start with the obvious one here where we are required to blog 3 times a week. Management communication or MC for short. It is important to emphasize before I proceed that the initial facilitator of the course (Dr Eugene Ohu) did prompt us in a very subtle way at the beginning that “you would wonder if this were the only course you are doing”. Heaven knows we should have taken that as a sign for things to come. The course has been very overwhelming, but I must say, very interesting. I can proudly say it has been a great eye-opener into what skills one can learn with the right knowledge impacted. The cofacilitators, Mrs. Atinuke Adelakun and Mrs. Lucille Ossai have taken us deep into the world of communication as I have never experienced. They have transformed our thinking and viewpoint from good to great. Be it in terms of presentation, writing or communications. They have helped synergize the harmony of this triad to form one complete executive. Kudos to them

Next is the Data Analytics sessions or DA as we know it. It started off with Excel classes facilitated by the very understanding Dr Francis Okoye. Then kicked off later with Dr. Bongo Adi. One thing I came to appreciate about these two is their depth of knowledge regarding their subject matter. Bongo even showed us later in the program that he was not just a data analyst but also a political analyst. One that is well-grounded in the issues of governance and economics. Little wonder he is a popular sight in the media where he regularly dissects matters regarding the economy. As for Dr Okoye. He is as jovial as they come. With tongue in cheek, he gleefully admitted to being a 4/10 in excel proficiency while some of us his students claimed to be better. Well, as the saying goes “that is a story for another day”. Overall, the sessions were very much appreciated.

Corporate Financial Accounting is up next, facilitated by non-other than the engineer turned accounting professor. Professor Akintola Owolabi and later by Chiemeka Ojiabor. It was one of the greatest concerns I had coming for an MBA. I had never been required or for that matter liked anything accounting. But these two turned my mind around, now I feel like I can contest for the position of minister for finance. They made accounting like ABC, I think they should write a book titled, accounting for newbies. It will certainly be a best seller.

Finally, the most dreaded of them all, the juggernaut of the first semester, the bane of sleepless nights, the mantle of thoughtfulness, the course that gives chilly sensation down the spine of the warmest mammals. It is non-other than Analysis of Business problems or ABP for short facilitated initially by Segun Shogbamu and later by Dr. Yetunde Anibaba. This course is something else, though Management Communications required the most time of any course in terms of course work, ABP requires the most brainpower. Everyone simply wanted to pass it at the first trial. No one wanted to come back. The course, however, did not disappoint in terms of the volume of knowledge and practical content it had. I can say I now analytically question every decision I make to arrive at the best possible alternative. I think Dr. Anibaba should be credited for a job well done over the past years.

The journey continues but so far, I can say it has been very worth it.

God bless us all and God bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria!

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