What I ordered VS what I got

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Whew! Finally, I get to write about something that is of interest to me. Something that is less serious, and not from anything that I learned in class.

What I ordered Versus What I got. I am sure that statement rings a bell. The first time I came across that statement was on the social media application, Instagram. This was a series of scenarios where an individual takes note of the outfit they love and would like to sew, share the design with their tailors with high expectations, the tailors affirming that they are able to replicate the designs, and eventually deliver a low budget replica which is far below the expectation of the client. This leads to a social media callout of the tailor. Here, the client posts the original design side by side with the ‘supposed’ replica on social media and seeks the ‘social media court’ to judge the matter. As with most things that end up online, the situation becomes a public discussion and an object of laughter. It is bad enough the situation of the country and so Nigerians will always look for ways to bring humor out of every situation possible. Well, as with most cases that end up online as well, no real justice is served, and the outrage lasts for some time and the audience moves on to the next object of attention.

Now I am here thinking of 2 things. One is how hard is it to say No and be truthful about what we can do and cannot do. Why do we take on responsibilities that we cannot fulfill, only to disappoint the person/people/things that we have made commitments to, just like the tailor in this scenario?

Secondly, I wonder if we sometimes have too high expectations such that we already picture the satisfactory outcomes in our mind’s eye, only to be disappointed because some factors came into play and affected the delivery? Yes, some of these outfits look very rich, and some might even have complicated designs, yet I suppose whoever we are partnering with should be able to set the necessary expectations as to what to expect.

Come to think of it, the writing for today ought to be one that is chill, fun, and less critical. I probably could not help it. Might I also add that this write-up was inspired by a movie I happen to watch earlier in the day? The story was about a lady who would take personal pictures, amplify certain body features using photoshop, and post on social media. She eventually caught the eye of a man who was a permanent resident in the United States. One thing led to another and after a series of photoshopped pictures and several conversations, they got married virtually. Hmm, that is a topic for another day. Anyway, this man had the opportunity to travel down to Nigeria for his ‘honeymoon’, and the woman in a bid to not disappoint her husband with her looks which is strikingly different from her pictures began to desperately look for a solution. She started by going to the gym, but we all know that process takes a lot of grit, consistency, sweat, and even dependent on genes. She settled for the other option of going under the knife. This surgical process does take time, especially time for the body to heal, probably about 3 to 6 months, but after two scenes this lady was already up and about with her new figure. Her supposed husband was meant to travel down quickly too, so I wonder what sort of surgery she had.

See, I am not even ready to do any deep thinking about that movie. Nollywood will never cease to surprise me.



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