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The Shock of Adulthood

Faith Uyi Minister Written by Faith Uyi Minister · 1 min read >

Growing up I remember my father would always sit outside underneath the night sky, it did not matter if the stars or moon were out that night. I always wondered what relationship he had with the humid night breeze of Benin City. Now I am much older and somewhat understand why an evening of solitude with the frogs and crickets would be more enjoyable than a sitting room with an Oscar-winning movie playing on the television. 

Adulthood is an artwork in creation, and just like every masterpiece, it takes a great artist to create a beautiful one. It has thus always baffled me since attaining the age of 20, why little or no effort is put into preparing us for this ultimate task. Depression is not peculiar to a certain age as anyone going through a major life change can fall to it. The transition from being a young adult to an adult owning your responsibility and decisions is one major life change every human born of a woman is likely to face. However, since very little to nothing is done to prepare most people for this change, we are easily swept away by the waves of the shock of adulthood. It is one shock too deep to ignore, one that makes or mares. It tests the strongest philosophies and proves the heaviest values. 

For so long I wondered why we were never taught in school as children and young teenagers the basic skill sets needed to not only survive this stage but also thrive. Sometime in December, I had a conversation with a friend, and I recall saying that decision making is a life skill so important that it should be taught to children from the ages of 9 and into early adulthood. courses such as mental toughness, change management, emotional intelligence, decision making, and the likes should not be missing from our curriculum.

My joy therefore could hardly be contained when I saw decision making was one of our brush-up courses, as well as emotional intelligence. Sometimes I wish I could share with the world the things I have learnt at Lagos Business School but for now, I might have to just make do with this blog space while using my life to mirror the things I may not be privileged to say for now. 

Many thanks to the baby steps I am taking from the knowledge acquired daily on this journey, my evenings are pleasantly spent with family and assignments (yeah, you are permitted to laugh). Learning daily to filter through my emotions and thoughts, bearing in mind that the positive-sum type of approach towards success would always yield more results than the zero-sum. Learning daily to weigh my decisions on the scale to ensure a balance between logical reasoning and emotional reasoning has saved me from so many pitfalls. 

It leaves me excited, looking forward to what the almighty ABP holds. The courses are quite scary as most of them dig deep into areas we all try to run away from but tell me, what success story isn’t? 


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