One day one day, monkey go go market e no go return.

Chinyere Ifegwu Written by Chinyere Ifegwu · 46 sec read >

Aduke is a mermaid. God really spent extra time on Aduke to give her an almost perfect beauty and stature. Aduke’s skin is so smooth and shiny that anyone looking at her will just go ecstatic and fall in love. Male or female will like to have a bite of this wonderful creature but she does not know that she is such a beauty. Aduke loves men and hops from bed to bed at the slightest opportunity.

 This behaviour got to her mother and she called her and admonished her that any man will like to have a bite of her possession, the golden beauty. She advised her to control herself. Habits don’t die so easily. Aduke is already egg rotten spoilt that she can’t take away her eyes from anything in trousers. Once invited by a man, she follows, oblivious of all the dangers of following a stranger.

This faithful day, she was invited by this very rich handsome but a total stranger to the town where she lives. Aduke was naturally attracted and threw away all caution and acted against the advice of her mother. She followed the stranger. Guess what…Aduke has not been found since that that.

Monkey don go market e no return.

Written by Chinyere Ifegwu


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