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I could definitely say that I have been given really good pair of glasses. Maybe even, the best pair of glasses yet seeing as, there has been a whole world of essentials I have been exposed to in my very brief period of study, so far, in the Lagos Business School. Now, I see things that I ordinarily might have never easily perceived on my own or things that might have eluded my vision in the very recent past. Like, I could very possibly create a Glossary out of the subject of my learnings (if I was not so big on soft work).

Casting my mind on a few, I believe I could share some if you would indulge me by reading them. How do I know that you will though? I will just share anyway and hope for the best – that is makes sense to you as much as it did to me. Some of these lessons apply to life in general and then, there is the ones that are business oriented (I mean, that’s what I signed up for anyway). The life lessons however, are no less, very welcome bonuses. Allow me express them in my own terms;


I have thought for a significant “CHUNK” of my existence, believed even, from the period I had been studying as an Economics major that, the sole aim of every business is to make profit as downloaded to me by my then lecturers. However, it turns out, there are other important objectives that sometime usurp that. Some of which include; increasing market share, increasing sales, increasing revenue etcetera. My CFA Facilitator expressed that, it is not the best motive for any “Entity”. As it births a mindsets of unsustainable nature, when that is the primary aim.


The bit I have absorbed from Analysis of Business Problems so far is far reaching. Now, I know to question even my questions amongst many others. The very revelation that I am blind to basic visual truth placed before me even; with my eyes wide open and, my mind possessing the advantage of practice through a lifetime of seeing, is still very baffling. This has spurred within me, an instant desire to deal with facts instead of intuition no matter how correct my assessment may seem. Hopefully, I will grow into being able to ask all the right questions.


This particular concept has instantly become an anthem in my mind. It goes like this; “What is measured is better managed” (put a tune to it). Measurement brings in all the parameters into perspective and expels vagueness. I particularly saw its importance in a case about a company, ECSA that we attempted to dissect. We had two glaring possible choices and the variables with values that were used for comparison gave a close call, which left us still undecisive.

However, outstanding variables with no obvious measurements attached to them seemed like the way to break this close call. And now, we have that as an assignment. Hopefully I can figure out how to measure those variables so, I can solve the case. I might let you know how it goes…


The list goes on and on really. I doubt that I have even been able to do justice to the points I have tried to highlight here. So, I will take a bow now on this matter and, hopefully, the next time I write about this, it will be with more clarity of expression. I hope you find your muse everywhere you look, really look.


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