5 Key Benefits of Riding A Motorcycle

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We almost never hear about the advantages of riding a motorcycle as most people focus on the dangers associated with riding and often abandon the idea because of it. In this article, I will list five advantages in no particular order of this sport-cum-hobby that I have grown to love, and explain to you what I have learnt through my research and experiences.

You Become a Better Car Driver

Yes, you read right. Several studies have shown that those who ride a motorcycle are actually better drivers in a car compared to drivers who do not ride a motorcycle. Anyone who has ridden a motorcycle knows how alert you must be to keep yourself from getting injured while riding out on the road. You are constantly on the lookout (or should be) for potential dangers and hazards coming your way and you should always be coming up with a plan in case the worst happens.
Motorists who know how to ride a motorcycle become more aware of motorcyclists on the road because they have been where they are. They are more likely to double-check their blind spots and are on the lookout for them.

They Are Long-lasting, Have Great Resale Value, And Are Easy To Fix

Motorcycles are not complex machines; they are very basic and minimal and they were made that way on purpose. If you apply yourself just a little bit, you can absolutely fix your motorcycle yourself in most cases. I am able to do minor repairs on every bike I have owned from watching YouTube videos and reading online forums.

Motorcycles also hold a great resale value and are not as heavily affected by depreciation as cars are. A lot of this depends on the make and model of motorcycle you have, but this rule generally covers most motorcycles.

If you provide your motorcycle with the love and care it deserves, it will give you back the love and care you deserve. Cars do not last much longer than 20 years at best unless you are willing to restore the engine and other complicated components that a car has.

Motorcycles are easy to take care of if you’re willing to give a few extra minutes every day. Making them last a long time does not really require much effort. Keep them out of the elements by putting a cover over them or keep them in the garage or shed, keep them clean, and do not constantly ride them carelessly.

Gets You To Destinations Faster And Comes In Handy In Cases Of Emergency

Using your motorcycle to get to your destination will in most cases get you there faster than if you drove a car. Take the traffic situation in Lagos, Nigeria for instance, a motorcycle is a more convenient mode of transportation if you are looking to beat traffic and get to your destination in time and if for whatever reason, you are caught in an emergency and only have a motorcycle as your source of transportation, your ability to ride becomes so much more valuable meaning that riding in itself, is a skill. There was an incident one of my biker friends recounted about a family vacation they had on a ranch, miles away from any other house or phone. They got bored and decided to work on the field. While at it, one of his family members, while using a hoe to till the dirt, accidentally stabbed his foot and began to bleed profusely. The only vehicle available on the ranch was a motorcycle as the whole family had been carpooled there and dropped off. Luckily, he knew how to ride a motorcycle and so carried the injured family member to the nearest hospital. How grateful would you be if you could ride a motorcycle to end up saving your life or the life of someone else.

You Will Save Money

Motorcycles have excellent gas mileage than most commuter cars, in fact they get about double the distance per litre.  Most street bikes get between 13 and 26 kilometers per litre, and that goes for a lot of the older bikes as well. Motorcycle insurance is also cheaper compared to car insurance. Maintenance on a motorcycle costs much less, too. Because motorcycles are much simpler machines (well, most of them anyway), you can usually do the maintenance work yourself which that in itself saves you a ton of money.

Helps Your Physical And Mental Health

When you’re on a road trip, it’s fun to look out the window and see all the beautiful scenery around you. Sometimes you may roll down your window to smell the experience, too.

When you’re riding a motorcycle, you don’t just look at the scenery, you become a part of it. Your entire body is immersed in the beauty instead of glancing at it all through the window of a car. This whole experience has positive impacts on our mental health because being outside and in tune with nature helps relieve stress and anxiety, improves your mood, and boosts feelings of happiness and well-being.

Riding a motorcycle is also excellent for your physical health. Believe it or not, motorcyclists are performing low impact exercises while they’re riding. Your neck, core, arms and thighs are all engaged while you are riding a motorcycle. You also burn more calories riding a motorcycle than you do a car and because you are engaging so much muscle use, you’re burning those calories on top of it.

With the right handlebar and seat settings, riding a motorcycle can help with posture. Most of this is because your neck muscles are strengthened wearing a helmet and can help develop neck muscles necessary to keep your vertebrae in alignment.

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